Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where do you Blog from?

This is my spot with my laptop that can be found in the TV room or at the pool and in the name it.
This is my home office, I work from here and I Blog from here. This is the file cabinet and fax and of course the messy bookcase filled with supplies. Next is my hubby's desk which cannot be shown, but remember he knows where everything is.
This is where everyone plops down. I think this room is used as much as the room with the TV.
Remember when no one had offices in their home? Now they seem to be a standard. Like a Family room. This room used to be our dining room, but we out grew it. Now the spot is used everyday.

This is my side of the office, my desk and all the little stuff I love.

Well, Thanks for coming by to visit my little office, I spend many hours in this room and wanted to share it with you all!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Under the Influence of Blogs!

Ahhh, Wednesday! I got up this morning and with large coffee in hand I sat at my computer and started to catch up reading all the blogs I've missed. So I open up Behind My Red Door ( or should I say I stepped behind )and as usual Linda has captured my interest. I just love it when I see she has a new post. Well she is changing her seasonal decorations a bit, tweaking it a bit. Linda tells us a great story about meeting up with some Prim buddies at a shop in Hopkington, MA. Hmmmm how far is that from me? Anyway being inspired by Linda and the great web page of the shop Country Plus I decide to hop in the car and head on out there. I was in a cranky mood when I know the real estate world has been tough these days, so many sad stories and such. I was just down a bit and feeling sorry for my self. I think I just needed some alone time. I turned up the radio, set the cruise control and I was off. Before I left my home area I picked up this bunch of sunflowers at a farm stand. Fresh veggies, plants and gorgeous sunflowers! So I did not bring my camera on my trip, but let me show you what I got.

Another blue canning jar for my growing collection. I love filling them with flowers.
I know it is almost time for my Americana to be put away, but I think this will stay out. It has special meaning for me~my son the soldier had a safe return from Iraq 16 months ago, but will be heading to Afghanistan, first of next year so FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA A SOLDIER KEEPS AMERICA FREE

This candle looks like a rusty tin can and the smell is WONDERFUL. Now mind you I really did not need another candle, but I couldn't resist.

The picture does not show the detail in the watermelon. Hand painted it is like three separate pieces wired together with the cute little tag and crow! I also got a box of speckled eggs that I am not sure what I am going to do with, but I figure something out.
Do I need to tell you I came home in a much better mood? Thanks Linda, for the inspirition to find someplace new~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kitchen Remodel Before & After

Here is the NOW and follow me in the time machine to the kitchen of the 90's and the 70's. We have lived in our home since 1973 and it has gone through so many changes. As I grew older and feel this is my last major kitchen change I wanted to bump it out and to add a pantry. So that is what we did and I really love it all.

Here is a picture of the in between kitchen, still dark cabinets, but we have changed out counters, backsplash, floor and appliances. This was in the early 90's to 2000 or so.


This is the new bar area. Improvement?? Take a look below at the old area when we ate....

(I can't seem to get my pictures to move around today)

This is in 1973...I loved my Dark Walnut Pine cabinets and the bittersweet orange Formica counters. How about the Harvest Gold appliances? I was a lucky woman! Friends came to see my kitchen it was so in style. We had a Solarium pattern vinyl floor, No wax, the latest thing. See the canisters? I recently saw them in a retro kitchen. Who knew? White knobs and see the empty space? We could not afford the dishwasher at that point so it would have to wait a bit, more. Now what do you think of this wallpaper? Let's see then and now, times have changed for sure. I have always loved to cook, but now,wow!

I have a gas stove and six burners which all get used. The oven can take four cookie sheets. I have a griddle for the top and I can cook everyone's french toast or pancakes at once and if we have extras at the table I can use the warming light to keep them hot until we all sit down. I really LOVE my new stove.

The fan really pulls the cooking smells out and my husband said he knows what we are having before he comes in the door. The heat lamp is here and the shelf is not just for my nicknack's.

We bumped the room out a bit and yes we have a dishwasher.

The lights and the big window were very important to me. I can see my gardens and my bird feeders from here. I can look down to the pool and watch the kids swimming. I have had my kitchen for about 2 years now and I love it even more than before.

This is my finished kitchen, I have more pictures to share, but I am having a really hard time today. I can't seem to move the pictures and I don't want to keep adding to the top, so maybe later. Thanks for seeing my Metamorphosis. Let's all join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and see what everyone else has done for Metamorphosis Monday.