Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waiting for Spring.....

Not to much going on here. I am really waiting for Spring so I can get out in the garden. My Christmas present from my son was that he re built our old arbor. I had showed him a picture and this was what he did.
Now I can't wait until spring to see the roses come to life. I want to stain it to keep the natural weathered look. I just love how it came out and it was a total surprise.

So here is the before, just so you can see what a huge improvement her made.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am home here with a sore throat, trying to use my time sorting cleaning and rearranging. I started to put some of my salt glaze together for a bit more impact....I am not sure where it is going so as I wash it I am putting it on the floor. Mostly my older pieces because the newer pieces I use in the kitchen. I have had them scattered around the house. I use them to hold plants and such. I was a bit surprised as I put it all in one spot. Maybe I need a new to me old prim shelf to put it all on.

Oh boy, the dust here is unbelievable. I love how refreshed everything feels when I move dust or wash and rearrange. Now if it just warms up a bit I'll be happy.