Sunday, August 11, 2013


Not to much to say these days, just lots of work, not the fun kind. You know the kind of work I HAVE to do. Not in the garden or in the kitchen or even in my craft space. For me it is Real Estate, lots of appointments and paperwork and oh gosh, I feel like I have a phone attached to my ear. So when I get a minute I will wander in the gardens. We have been reworking some beds this year, taking out some trees and bushes. Did I mention weeding, weeding and more weeding?
This is my Limelight hydrangea that I put here to hold over the winter. It loves it here, maybe I will just leave it.

 The window boxes on my potting shed have stayed like this all summer.
 My containers have thrived in the heat and sometimes just going out to water them is a bit like meditation, it soothes the soul.
 Sometimes when I am on the phone too much I just get up and wander to the windows to view the gardens from inside.
 When all else fails some flowers are cut for inside....sunflowers are like a ray of sunshine!

So tonight we went for a drive, with the top down, stopped at a small, but oh so busy, restaurant by the ocean. Trying to take in the simply wonderful dry air. It was perfect. I had worked both days this weekend and just wanted some time with hubby. The ocean, espresso martinis, fresh fish, then key lime pie and coffee. YUM. Then a slow ride home.....there is no place like home ~