Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What did the groundhog say???

This does not look like Spring to me. We had been with out power for 2 and a half days....no water, no heat, except our fireplace which did a great job on the downstairs. Upstairs I had a nice down comforter for warmth. The gas stove worked so we were lucky there.To keep things cold and frozen I put lots of food out on the porch, but we threw lots out too. We had five people here a hyper dog and my two kitties. The teenage boys used the bathroom a lot and the tub, that I had filled with water was soon empty. I read two books and heard I am bored too many times to mention. Reading is a wonderful way to spend a quiet snowy weekend.

There are some broken trees and many branches and lots of clean up to do. The rain yesterday and the warmer days are helping to create mud....so mix mud and hyper Husky dog! Get a mess.

 Our only source of heat. I brought in lots of firewood the day before the storm and we went through it all.
 My over sized cat! He thinks he can hide his toys from the dog...of course he also thinks he still fits in this bed.
So I only hope that this is the last of the snow. We had not had much of it at all this year. I can't wait for Spring!
I hope everyone else is safe, warm and dry!
(Did I mention how great the hot shower felt when the power came back on?)