Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer gardens

The foxglove are doing well this year as are my ferns and valerian...not so good for some others. Holes chewed in the leaves and I have sprayed hot pepper spray and insecticidal soap the good old sevin! I still have some buggers leaving holes in my leaves.
This is an old rose with the sweetest scent. It came from hubby's grandmother's yard 41 years ago. Notice the chewed leaves and I used  systemic granules also.

 I tried to get a good picture of Hobo, my stray kitty who now has a home with us. He is too busy looking for the chipmunks he knows are in the wall.

 The peonies have done well too. They are a favorite of mine. This one came from my Mom's home.
 This cinnamon fern is just stunning from all angles.