Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Door Decor

I am going to join Rhoda@ Southern Hospitality  in her Fall Door Decor.

~Simple and sweet~
It is hot and humid here and I need a cool, dry and crisp day to be in the mood. Everything is wet.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~Tuesday Display Chain~

~Framed in~
What does that mean to you? I have pondered this one and wanted to come up with something clever and different, but my mind seems to be blank! These are the pictures that came to mind right away. My personal favorites.
My Mom bought this just before she passed away. It hangs above my desk and I think of her every time I look at it. We had gone off shopping for the day, a beautiful Fall day. I have a wonderful memory of her and the of our last together.
This is my bookshelf and all but one of these parents resides in heaven.

My father in law took this picture of my hubs when he was a young boy. I just love it!
This is a sampler I made years ago when I first started Real Estate....I loved the house theme. This is still a sampler I like, mistakes and all.

I am joining Misi over at 1890 Gable House Musings for her Tuesday Display Chain. Thanks Misi for hosting the party.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday's Display Chain

 These pumpkins I made from a pattern I got from the Homestead Barn. I made tons last year. Aren't they great? This is my peg rack in my little guest room. I just cut the bittersweet and it has not opened yet. It is earlier then I usually cut it.
                                                              My little black pumpkin.
                                                     Some little pumpkins and gourds I grew.
                                                  My witch with with her spells and such book.

 This is on my porch and more kid friendly, for the grands....
So as you can tell I am joining Misi over at 1890 Gable House Musings for her Tuesday Display Chain. Jump on over and check it out....join the fun.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Potting Shed

This is my place to pot up plants, start plants and store my tools and garden stuff. This little 10x16 post and beam shed was built in 2004 in early November and I had to wait until spring to really decorate it. At that time we did not need to keep the lawnmower and tractor in there and it was so much better, but I love it just the same.

 After it was built my hubs added the outside light and a light inside so I can go out at night without the aid of a flashlight. The electric outlet lets me put candles in the windows at Christmas time too.

This cabinet I found in the basement of an old brick building my husbands family owned. They said it used to be a bakery and everyone thought I was crazy when I brought it home 25 yrs ago. Why did I want that crappy piece? I put it in the garage and held on to it. I knew I would find the perfect home someday! I think it was made for this spot. I love to work on it and look out the old window my son installed a few years later.
The window I too brought home when a friend had new windows installed in her 1900's era home. I put a stack of them in my car, how I wish I had taken more. I still have some in the shed waiting for me to put them to good use.

The other day it was raining and I love to go out in the garden and work in the shed. I cut some hydrangeas and used a straw base and some u pins and made this wreath. I can do many more when I cut the Limelight  hydrangea bush. It is best to work with the green stems and let them dry on the base. They are too brittle otherwise.

My cans for the birdseed and the mower and tractor, necessary evils......

Mums that need to go to the potting bench, because I like them in clay pots.

Doesn't this look better?

My stone step that hubs had put there for me.....much nicer then the wood ramp the builder left us with.

I can feel Fall in the air, we have the solar cover on the pool so it will be warm for the Grands on the weekend. Then we can have pumpkin bread and cider and swim too!  My potting shed will see less and less of me as it gets colder and the mice scurry in, yuk. My kittys better get to work, but I think they are too well fed to hunt like they should. Snow will come and we will go in there to get bird seed for the feeders and to decorate for Christmas, but then Spring will come again and there will be a flurry of activity. I put plants in there when it is too cold to be outside and I putter  in there when spring rains would keep me in. I just love my little potting shed!
I have new window boxes that I am still painting and will get some more fall decorating done as it gets cooler.  
So do you have a place you can go to do your messy chores?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Savoring Summer

Today it is much cooler here and rained through the night with showers on and off through the day. I went out to the garden between showers and gathered some more tomatoes, so many tomatoes, lots of tomatoes! I will put some of them up this afternoon. I also gathered some herbs. I love how they flavor the food and will miss them when winter is upon us. Well, for now I am going to make some herb vinegars and some pesto ice cubes.
The herb vinegars are just basil, oregano, thyme and a garlic clove and the second one is opal basil with lemon verbena.  Place in a jar with white or rice vinegar and let seep for a month or so. Strain and bottle up. Great for salad dressings or to deglaze a pan.
I will cook up some stewed tomatoes this afternoon and can them in a water bath. Love them in the winter months.
I want to plant some mesclun and some radishes for a fall crop, maybe some spinich too. My artichokes plants have a couple of artichokes on them. This was the first time I have grown them. I started the seeds in the house and moved the plants outside. They are such an interesting looking plant.

I am enjoying watching something new growing. This cool rainy day is just the kind of day I love to putter in my Potting Shed, but it is a big mess right now. I dumped stuff in there when hurricane Irene was coming and I really need to get in there and clean up and make room so I can dry my herbs and the sweet annie I grew this year. I made a hydrangea wreath in there last week and it is just a cozy spot on a day like today. Next week I will do a post on it. My son just made me new window boxes for the potting shed and I need to get them painted and then I can start to decorate for fall.
I am off to try and get something done you see I have just gotten word that I have a special visitor coming in October. I want to get my guest room cleaned and ready. Get my Fall on......

P.S. I changed the settings on my comments and hope it is easier for you to leave comments, so please try and let me know if it is better or you have any suggestions. I love each and every comment I get.