Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Savoring Summer

Today it is much cooler here and rained through the night with showers on and off through the day. I went out to the garden between showers and gathered some more tomatoes, so many tomatoes, lots of tomatoes! I will put some of them up this afternoon. I also gathered some herbs. I love how they flavor the food and will miss them when winter is upon us. Well, for now I am going to make some herb vinegars and some pesto ice cubes.
The herb vinegars are just basil, oregano, thyme and a garlic clove and the second one is opal basil with lemon verbena.  Place in a jar with white or rice vinegar and let seep for a month or so. Strain and bottle up. Great for salad dressings or to deglaze a pan.
I will cook up some stewed tomatoes this afternoon and can them in a water bath. Love them in the winter months.
I want to plant some mesclun and some radishes for a fall crop, maybe some spinich too. My artichokes plants have a couple of artichokes on them. This was the first time I have grown them. I started the seeds in the house and moved the plants outside. They are such an interesting looking plant.

I am enjoying watching something new growing. This cool rainy day is just the kind of day I love to putter in my Potting Shed, but it is a big mess right now. I dumped stuff in there when hurricane Irene was coming and I really need to get in there and clean up and make room so I can dry my herbs and the sweet annie I grew this year. I made a hydrangea wreath in there last week and it is just a cozy spot on a day like today. Next week I will do a post on it. My son just made me new window boxes for the potting shed and I need to get them painted and then I can start to decorate for fall.
I am off to try and get something done you see I have just gotten word that I have a special visitor coming in October. I want to get my guest room cleaned and ready. Get my Fall on......

P.S. I changed the settings on my comments and hope it is easier for you to leave comments, so please try and let me know if it is better or you have any suggestions. I love each and every comment I get.


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Donna
Yummy~ Garden Fresh Goodies~ The artichoke plant is interesting, never grew one, now I am wanting to try my hand at them?Sounds like a wonderful day at your homestead~Hyrdangea wreath, bet she's a beauty~
Look forward to seeing some pics~ and Hmmm a special guest~ have fun getting ready~
hugs to you~

Janet - underthewillow said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Donna!...your veggies are GORGEOUS!!!


~Sara said...

You are such a busy and talented lady! Your gardens are not only beautiful but so useful. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. We all know how much work it is to garden, but to see and taste the results make it all worth it. Look forward to seeing your potting shed. Have a blessed week. ~Sara

Ginny said...

Love potting sheds, can't wait to read the post and see pictures.

frontporchprims said...

What a beautiful harvest you have shown us. I love the herbs. -Steph-

Cris said...

Always excited to see a new blog post....hmmm...a Fall guest? So cool...lucky person(s)!! Veggies look delish & can't wait to see your hydrangea wreath...such a talented prim woman.

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

Donna I just found and joined your blog and I LOVE it!!!! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I'll be spending my evening catching up on all of your older posts. WOW!!!!All of your veggies and herbs look so yummy.


Sue @Rue-Mouffetard said...

Hi Donna....I am so excited I can finally read your blog and hopefully this comment will post with no problems.....I got a new Mac Book and my blog problems seen to have gone away.....I just love seeing pictures of your beautiful home....I think last time I was by you were painting an upstairs hallway....in any case I am very happy that I was able to see all your garden goodies that you have had over the summer....and how in the world did you make those crows????