Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow, snow, go away!

I am sorry but, this is just too early for snow. Thanksgiving maybe, but not before Halloween!!!! I won't bore you with pictures of the snow, making my tall grasses lay down. Or that everything that was still blooming is now gone! So time to clean up and get ready.....for dare I say it winter :(

So what do I do when there is snow outside? I bake :)

Today I made a Apple and pear Crostata....yum. First I make my dough and put it in to chill for a few hours.

Then I slice the apples and pears and mix with brown sugar and spices.

After assembled, you bake it for 25 to 30 min. It really is that simple.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do you wonder what cookbooks others might have?

Do you ever think about that? I love to read about books other bloggers read, not just cookbooks, decorating, DIY books and most any book. I do believe cookbooks are the most interesting to me. I thought I would share a few that I like best. When we redid our kitchen a few years back I had this small area just at the entry to the pantry that I had shelves put in for my most used cookbooks.

 I see a couple of our seasonal reads were stuffed in there, Scary stories and Witches of Plymouth County...great October reads along with my Susan Branch "Autumn". Just a little something to get us in a fall state of mind. I just did home made marshmallows from the Susan Branch book. Yum, they came out great.

 Look at this old cookbook I found in an old cookbook store. I loved that it looked handwritten. I have never made anything from it, but love the look of it.
 The Barefoot Contessa is a personal favorite. I use her books all the time. I love to watch her on the food network. I have posted about her here.

 My old Good Housekeeping cookbook was my first. I got it when I got it is 39 yrs. old. It is my go to book. It is used and abused. I have a brown paper cover on it and the binding is coming apart, but it has many of my favorite recipes.I learned so much from this book. My Mom was not much of a cook and what I knew came from my Home Economics class at school. So I opened a book. I learned to cook. The internet has made it so different now. Not to mention cooking shows. I find my self still going back to my books. There is so much more in them the just recipes.
So tell me do you like cookbooks? Do you snuggle up on a cool fall day with a cup of hot cider and read a new or old cookbook? Look for something new to make?