Friday, July 26, 2013

Front Yard Renovation~

So the front yard renovation was taking place in the hottest days of summer...almost 100 degrees and the humidity was just awful. So they put it off as long as possible, but this almost 40 ft. spruce, started by hubby's grandmother and planted here about 39 years ago had to go. It had gotten too woody and while we loved it, it was time to say goodbye. This old tree has held our Christmas lights for many a year and has gotten too big to even do that, unless we had a bucket truck. She has served us well~smiles~

 Everything is so overgrown. It really is time.

 No turning back now. These rody's were planted in the woods, where they can grow as big as they want.

Now the big spruce is gone it really opens up the view in the front yard. 

 So that is it from here, the front yard looks so much better. The plants are small, but so were our others when we first planted them. Now we have had some refreshing rain and the plants all seem quite happy in their new home.