Saturday, August 22, 2015

This week at the Country Nest

The weather here has been hot and humid. The chickens have been out free ranging to find some cool space under the trees. They love being out, but I usually supervise to be safe. They love stealing tomatoes from the garden and eat up lots of pesty bugs. The flowers are blooming nicely and it really is dog days of August.  Hope you all have nice weather where you are.

We have a project under way in the front yard, but I will save that until next time.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Chickens in the garden

These two rascals are Lucy and Pumpkin. They are still in the small cage so I like to let them out each day. They don't wander as much as the other four and they are just so sweet.
Pumpkin is the smallest of all, but the most loving....she loves to be held and she will coo and make sweet noises. I've already told hubby if they never accept her I want to build her own space. She can have peace and lots of loves from her humans.
 One of my favorite flower beds with my Limelight hydrangea peeking out behind the rest.
 She is a beauty for sure. We cut her way back last year and it looks like we will have to do that again.

 Lucy at the window waiting to be let out~she makes me giggle.

Here is Lily, the Black chicken and Molly my barred rock. We are almost 20 weeks so I am hoping for eggs soon. The nesting boxes are lined with herbs and hay and fake eggs. I check daily. I can't wait for our first egg!

P.S. It looks like Princess is here to stay!