Friday, September 9, 2011

My Potting Shed

This is my place to pot up plants, start plants and store my tools and garden stuff. This little 10x16 post and beam shed was built in 2004 in early November and I had to wait until spring to really decorate it. At that time we did not need to keep the lawnmower and tractor in there and it was so much better, but I love it just the same.

 After it was built my hubs added the outside light and a light inside so I can go out at night without the aid of a flashlight. The electric outlet lets me put candles in the windows at Christmas time too.

This cabinet I found in the basement of an old brick building my husbands family owned. They said it used to be a bakery and everyone thought I was crazy when I brought it home 25 yrs ago. Why did I want that crappy piece? I put it in the garage and held on to it. I knew I would find the perfect home someday! I think it was made for this spot. I love to work on it and look out the old window my son installed a few years later.
The window I too brought home when a friend had new windows installed in her 1900's era home. I put a stack of them in my car, how I wish I had taken more. I still have some in the shed waiting for me to put them to good use.

The other day it was raining and I love to go out in the garden and work in the shed. I cut some hydrangeas and used a straw base and some u pins and made this wreath. I can do many more when I cut the Limelight  hydrangea bush. It is best to work with the green stems and let them dry on the base. They are too brittle otherwise.

My cans for the birdseed and the mower and tractor, necessary evils......

Mums that need to go to the potting bench, because I like them in clay pots.

Doesn't this look better?

My stone step that hubs had put there for me.....much nicer then the wood ramp the builder left us with.

I can feel Fall in the air, we have the solar cover on the pool so it will be warm for the Grands on the weekend. Then we can have pumpkin bread and cider and swim too!  My potting shed will see less and less of me as it gets colder and the mice scurry in, yuk. My kittys better get to work, but I think they are too well fed to hunt like they should. Snow will come and we will go in there to get bird seed for the feeders and to decorate for Christmas, but then Spring will come again and there will be a flurry of activity. I put plants in there when it is too cold to be outside and I putter  in there when spring rains would keep me in. I just love my little potting shed!
I have new window boxes that I am still painting and will get some more fall decorating done as it gets cooler.  
So do you have a place you can go to do your messy chores?


Raymond Homestead said...

What a neat potting shed! I would really enjoy being in there messing with my plants!

Anonymous said...

I love your potting shed..Sadly it will see less of you but you will be back in the Spring..It's awesome..I bet it looks great in the winter with only a candle lit in the window..Have a great weekend..

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

I just LOVE your potting shed!!! What a neat idea to put the big stone in front as a step.....I LOVE IT!!! Enjoy your weekend!!


Janet - underthewillow said...

what a wonderful shed!...that's about the size that we'd like to's on the top of our list of things we need...thank you for sharing yours!


Rebecca said...

Your potting shed, just like your home, is an inspiration! Thanks for the tour!

earlene said...

Great eye candy!!! What a special place and you must really enjoy it. Your pot collection is really nice, terra cotta is one of my favs. I love the cat too on your side bar.
Enjoy your weekend. I am off to a Fall Open House

earlene said...

Great eye candy!!! What a special place and you must really enjoy it. Your pot collection is really nice, terra cotta is one of my favs. I love the cat too on your side bar.
Enjoy your weekend. I am off to a Fall Open House

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Donna -- your potty shed is pure bliss!! Something of my dreams. Enjoy :)


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Pretty Potting shed~ love the bench, the window, the stone~
Yep, the mums look so much prettier in the clay pot(giggles)~
Your Hyrdangea wreath is beautiful~ pretty coloring~

I am so drooling over this~ I want a potting shed~ but for now I either do my messy work in the garage or beside on the porch~

I need to go get some Mums & get them potted for my porch~ Just love the look of Potted Mums~
So enjoyed the tour of the shed~

Have a wonderful weekend~

basketsnprims said...

donna, i love your shed & that old cupboard is awesome! i have a shed similar to yours & you have given me some inspiration. thanks so much for sharing. enjoy your grands! no skateboarding, lol

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing outside and now the inside! What a wonderful addition to your gorgeous property Donna! I am so glad you took us inside my friend!!Lots of hugs!!

Carmen at Primcats said...

What an inspiring space! Love it Thanks for sharing!

Carmen and the Primcats

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

I have always wanted a potting shed. It would truly be a dream come true. Yours is perfection. I can only imagine how much you enjoy this little space.

Robyn~Primlish said...

OMGoodness!! Your potting shed and whole yard is absolutely stunning!!

frontporchprims said...

What a wonderful little place to decorate and be yourself in. What an escape. It is so quaint. I would go in and never return. -Steph-

The Hoskins' Family said...

Donna I love your potting shed! What a beautiful location you have to spend some time out in! Decorating it must be so much fun! I love having the small sheds to decorate and especially when they have window's in them as well to add a candle at christmas time!
Can't wait to see it all decorated for fall and christmas!

Have a blessed day!


Cris said...

Great blog and love your potting shed! Love your hydrangea wreath too....I knew I would. Neat place for chores and reflecting I'm sure.

prims hugs~Cris

Picket said...

Oh my word...what a doll house!!!! I love that and the stone step is fantastic....I would live out there! lol So glad you came by sweetie..about pics from blogs on pinterest...I just click on the pic on the blog and save it in my pics and then on pinterest I click 'add a pin'...the the screen comes upload and it will take you to browse...go find the pic and click on it and click should load it right up and then I edit and in the link box I put the http:// of the blog so people know where it came from...hope that helps...have a great week girl...Picket

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get there! Missing you guys...Love, Margie

My Little Home and Garden said...

I really like the look of your potting shed! As well, the wreath is gorgeous. Thanks again for visiting my blog and the tips on how to make one. I have the base but the store didn't have the U pins; I'll check somewhere else tomorrow.
I'm off to click the follow button!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Goodness Donna could you have a nicer place to do your favorite beautiful.
Such envy here. It's just the perfect size too. And perfectly outfitted.

Mary Ann said...

What a wonderful story this was, and your pictures are great!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love your potting shed. My hubby made one for me as well a few years ago, much, much smaller. But I love that I have a place to store all my things for the garden. Your blog is lovely. I've enjoyed reading through quite a few of your posts. Enjoy your day!

Jann Olson said...

Oh how your sweet potting shed made me miss an old pioneer building I had at my previous home. I can imagine how you love spending time out there. How fun to decorate for the holidays. I popped over from Karens blog. Now a new follower.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Your potting shed is everything I would dream of in a potting shed inside & out. I have wishes of one in my dream file for some day. Blessings!

Sherri Farley said...

Love your blog. Visually beautiful!

Ula Heximer said...

The potting shed sign is a nice touch. The place looks very nice. Indeed, it feels good to have a zone where you can do stuff like that in private, no? More important than the privacy is the atmosphere though. Thanks to the materials, now it feels like a place where you can really get some serious potting done.