Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lakeville Garden Club Tour

Come on in and join us for our local Garden tour.
The Lakeville Garden Club and Arts Council hosted a tour of 5 gardens and several art studios. They had local authors at Something Brewing a great local coffee house which is a treat with in its self. From the smiling faces who greet you to used books for sale all in our Historic Library, but I will use that for another post later, because we have a garden there maintained by the Garden Club. This is the hand painted sign that was posted in front of my home. I must have 300 pictures so lets just say this is Part I So come down the path to my pool area. Some Garden Club members came by last year and viewed our gardens....then we were sent a letter asking us to be on the Garden Tour. Little did I know how much work we would put into this. All a matter of choice I might add. Well worth the finished product.

My little bird bath tucked in the grasses.

My husband and son have built the many stone walls. We brought all the stones into our yard, none are found here naturally. Darn. Wish I kept track of how many ton!

One of the birdhouses my son built for me. I love it perched above the waterfall.

Birds eye view of the pool.

Some red lilies in the pool area.

Looking down the waterfall.

Our dancing frogs, I gave them to my hubby on our anniversary, the kids say they remind them of us. I just think they make me smile.

Looking down from the backyard.

We feel like it is OUR PRIVATE COVE!

OK time to say good bye for today. I will end Part I here. I will be posting more areas in our backyard and some photos of the other gardens as well. Each was special in it's own way. Each different and just beautiful to tour. Thanks for joining me, the sun was shining( something it has not done much of lately) People were happy and the compliments flowed, great company. After all gardeners are nice people.
I just wanted to add we spent Saturday explaining that we do all our own work. Everyone seemed so amazed, but we really enjoy our yard.


clothnclay said...

What beautiful garden photos! Always a treat to visit, Becky

Linda said...

Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Donna, I have one word for what I have seen so far... PARADISE!! Oh my - what a gorgeous yard you have and the pool area is spectacular. I can see how much love and energy and hard work goes into it. It is wonderful! Looking forward to the next part!!

hugs, Linda

Laura said...

I came here to thank you for your kind words and comments on the Home and Garden Tour.....and surprise! You are part of your own garden tour and have a spectacular yard and garden all your own! I am so glad that I got a chance to see it!Have a wonderful night....
Take care, Laura

Anonymous said...

I just can't say it enough - your gardens, yard, and pool are amazing! I could hang out by that pool all day long! Thank you for sharing your fantastic yard with us.