Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall the season of change

This is the NEW color of my front door! I spent all of Labor Day weekend painting, maybe because I did it three times....... This is the old color, it has been this color for over 10 years...time for a change.

I started with classic burgundy, but that was just too red for my home and besides I knew just what color I wanted, I did not have a name for it.

So I put cottage red on it after the last photo, not a noticable difference, so early Monday morning I was back to the paint store. Of course my usual store was not open on Monday so I was off to Home Depot.....poor me, but I had the most helpful salesperson, I showed him pictures and he came up with this color. Devine Wine its called! DEVINE it is. Just what I wanted. So when I finished I had a glass of wine, sat back and admired my new color. Now I have five doors more to go.

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Janene said...

Oh yes! Devine it is!!!!!
That is the color I would love on my front door too!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Donna,

I love the door! I left you a message on your blog the other day but I guess you didn't get it. I would be very happy to send you those pictures you requested but AOL messed with my address book so I need your email address again!!

Kelly B said...

More like gorgeous!! I love it!! It is absolutely purrfect!! The pumpkins look wonderful on your steps, too. When the mums are in full bloom, you will have the happiest front door in your whole city!! ;0)

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Donna! Beautiful color! And perfect for coming into the cooler seasons.

Thank you so much for good luck wishes!

My Desert Cottage

clothnclay said...

Just beautiful! Perfect! Becky

Gayle said...

You ended up with the perfect color - I love it!

Home Depot said...

Hi this is Michael and I work in Customer Care at Home Depot. Glad to hear you had a good experience. We are making a lot of improvements; it’s nice to see that it’s taking effect at your store. Feel free to send me more details at so I can pass your feedback along to the store, the door looks great!!

Customer Care
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

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