Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Walker Homestead

                                                  The Walker Homestead   ~ From the back~
I was hoping for an Autumn day with crispness and woodsmoke in the air. The smell of applepie and a warm candle. What did we get it was HOT! That could not spoil this nice day. We saw the gals from a Primitive Place and many other nice people and the eye candy was wonderful. The kids had a great time and we stopped for pumpkins and apples on the way home. Oh and ice cream too.
      I want this chicken coop, just the
        right size and I would love 3 chickens too!

                                       My granddaughter love the sunflowers that were drying.
 My grandson in front of the house that I just love, I loved the outbuildings and the gardens and the guest house and the dream home!
                                                     One of the many booths I liked.
 Here are some of the things I bought, I just loved this crow and he is now perched at my backdoor.
 The candle smells oh so good, pumpkin ginger soy candle. My little bag of sweet annie~
 This basket was made by a 14 year old girl named Dakota who is from CT. I just love it and right now it is holding a large bunch of sweet annie.


Grammee Linda said...

It was great to see you again Donna! Your crow is perfect by the back door... I can just picture him creating you as you enter!!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Wow... love the pictures! What a beautiful place!