Monday, January 3, 2011

January 2011

What is it about the New Year? I feel refreshed and ready to tidy everything up. Clean closets, floors, fresh paint, shiny windows and file all of last years folders from work. My Christmas is all done and packed away until next year...I have a system. Thank goodness for Rubbermaid! The door on my Christmas closet is closed with Christmas neatly packed behind the door. Phew.

My snowmen grace our home and will stay until I start Spring. Hey, I need something seasonal. My candles are lit and the fireplace on days when I can work from home. The sun is shining in and it feels like Winter here.

My son Ben is settled into his new place and at the same time our daughter moved to a new place in South Boston. Big changes around here. Having both children close by is such a comfort. Sunday dinners may be possible again. Everyone has been so scattered the last few years. This feels so wonderful. I want to start the New Year being happy about all my blessings of which there are many.

Lots of blogs are talking about their word for the year and I know I want mine to be BALANCE
This is what I need so much, balance of work, home and family. So with this in mind I will march forward into 2011 seeking balance in my life. 

 to all my Blogger friends, may you all be blessed with happiness, health, and prosperity in 2011.


bettyj said...

Doesn't it feel good to have it all packed away and the house in quiet mode. I don't put anything out from Jan until Easter and I truly enjoy it. Hope you find your balance and I know you will enjoy having your children close.

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Don't you love a fresh start?? I am so happy for you both kids are close by now. We'll have to swap family dinner menus!!

KathyB. said...

This is exactly how I like to spend January! I have to postpone it for 2 weeks, but I will ( God willing ) end January this way.Cleaning up after 2010 to begin 2011, happy new year to you.

Picket said...

hey girl...Happy New Year to you and yours....I know exactly what you mean..I love the refreshing of one's mind and spirit that coomes with the new happy to hear your kids are close by now...I know for me that is a biggie....I love having all my little 'chickies' close by...hope you have a beautiful week girl...Picket