Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wallpaper removal

   I have shared with you all that I am removing the wallpaper in my front foyer, hall and upstairs hall. Last time it took 20 double rolls of wallpaper. I have just seemed to breeze through the hall or maybe ignored it for so long because it is such a big job. There are ten doors to be painted, the stair risers, banister and all the trim. We want to have wainscoting put up and then re wallpaper, or maybe paint and stencil the upper hall. Well, last week I started to remove the wallpaper. It was coming of in tiny pieces, I think my husband used super glue. It has been there way too long and I swear it has bonded to the walls. I used Lestoil and warm water, my favorite removal formula, but not this time. I tried fabric softener and water, not so good either. I could just cry....two hours and I got about 2 sq. ft done. Gouged the wall, my hands ache. I what have I started?
  While watching HGTV I saw them using these strips of cloth and the wallpaper came right off, of course it was TV. Now I think I have bought every product that the paint store has and none of it worked. So what is one more product? I went online and found what they had used, it is called Simple Strip and has a money back guarantee. What have I got to lose? I ordered on Monday, it was here on Friday morning.

This is what came.  I got it from here. IT WORKED!!!! I got much larger pieces off not whole sheets like TV, but managable pieces. Not only that I got help, hubby and grandson were intrigued by the product and they dug in and helped. Now upstairs hall is about half done and it will be a long project. It may be done by the time all this #*! snow melts.


Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

What a great project to keep your mind off the snow!! It will be worth it in the long run though!! HUGS!

Green Creek Primitives said...

I know all about stripping wallpaper, it is a chore. When we moved in our house 28 yrs. ago, almost every room had it. I have wallpapered a couple of times since then, but now I just paint the walls. I would like to find a stencil I like and use some of that in some rooms. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I am picking a color for my kitchen cabinets, not looking forward to it, its a big job. But I want to redo the kithcen in a more primitive style. Vicky

Tracey said...

Wow - you're reminding me of why I vowed never to wallpaper again! LOL, actually, I was toying with the idea of papering my foyer, but maybe stenciling is the way to go. Lots of luck on your projects!

Manuela@TPOH said...

What a big job you've taken on! You never know with wallpaper. Good to know about that product - I have wallpaper in one bathroom that I'm about to remove.


bettyj said...

Can't wait to see the finished results. Ten Doors! Wow what a big house you have. Looking forward to pictures.