Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do houses die?

Tell me what you think. I was out looking with a client last summer and we found this old house, you see my friend owns a primitive shop and was looking for a possible location for a new shop. Now this property pulled us both in. There was this statley hip roof colonial sitting in this hayfield with old fashioned peonies blooming away at the side of the driveway, or what used to be the driveway. I just love old houses and would love it if they could talk. This one had be worked on years ago and sadly lots of the original stuff was gone, gone, gone.

 This barn was still there! Doesn't it look charming. I don't know how safe, but charming. It has been empty for some time. The house still sits you think houses die?


Carole said...

That house would make such a great shop. I hope she buys it and we can see the "after"


Angela said...

As long as they are standing, there is breathe in them, just like us humans, a chance for a rebirth, a new beginning. They may sleep and rest when empty, but when awaken and adorned with new clothing, make-up and a loving family, life will come back and all can smile. Just my opinion. I love the old house and the barn. Having an old homeplace has always been a dream of mine, This one is beautiful.

Penny said...

Angela said it best -- there's still lots of life left in that old girl -- just needs a little TLC!! Keep us posted on what happens with it......

The Hoskins' Family said...

I love that old home! I think it would be wonderful for someone to purchase it before they decide to let it just fall apart. I hate to see old homes torn down or just left to fall apart. They have so much character!!!
I think your friend should purchase it for her shop and then you can show us what she's done to it!
I love that fireplace in there!!!

Thanks for showing!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful~ I love old homes & barns~ I don't think they die~ they just wait around until someone says~ that is it~ My dream~
Oh, to redo that place would be wonderful~ so much character there to work with~thanks for sharing~

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

i love old homes and barn and farms. it seems at time the neglected ones are begging for help. and yes, some do die. when my husband's mother passed it wasnt two weeks before the roof brgan to sag and fall in. the house just continued to die and we all thought it was so strange as the roof never leaked and showed visible signs of ruin....sigh....i sure hope that beautiful place finds someone to love it again.

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Oh Donna,
I love that home.
My dream has always been to buy an abandoned property and bring life back to it.
Maybe one day.
Thanks for sharing,

bettyj said...

Did I see a tear drop in a window pane?
Or a glimmer of hope?

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Donna this house is a beauty and I can't understand why people gut a beautiful 'vintage' home such as this and take all its life out of it....bad people!

There is a gorgeous fireplace left though!


Fishtail Cottage said...

Gorgeous home! Funny that there is still some great finds that still that hanging tiffany lamp and the window over the front door. Yes, wouldn't it be great if the walls could talk? xoox, tracie

The Gingham Goose said...

Donna, That same house pulled me in when Shannon was looking for a house but to much work for them to tackle!!! The poor house is in need of a family to just LOVE it again!!! I do believe the right person will come along and the windows will smile again! I think the barn collasped over the winter....such a shame!!
Barb...lover of old houses

The Country Nest said...

Barb, funny I did not take tons of pictures, wasn't thinking of a post when we were there and you know who I was with, but sadly they want too much $$$$ for what needs to be done and the owner has some different ideas like moving the house a few feet so there is more room for a sub division???? Sad, sad, sad. The beauty is in the farm feel. I would love to rehab a house like that but the price would have to be right.