Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nesting time~

I have gotten most of my fall decorations out. The ones I want to use anyway. I find many items stay in the containers. Time for them to find a new home I think. I got rid of some things last year, but tastes change. I find I like it a bit more simple and natural.

 So while I reading the blogs I found this one....and I am in trouble deep. Check out Vanilla Sugar blog
I found these coconut truffles, they are like mounds bars which are a favorite of mine. I became obsessed, I had to make them. I went out in the pouring rain to get the ingredients.....even though I had just returned from the market. Last week it was the oatmeal pumpkin cookies from another blog and now this. I have been riding my bike for a hour a day. I may have to ride for 2 hours at this rate.

                    OK, I got the fat free sweetened condensed milk. Do you think that will help?

 These are the finished candies. I think I may cool them and dip them twice next time. They are so sweet.  I can't keep making these things because I am the one who eats them....
 I added some bittersweet.

A new wreath for the front door and I still need to plant a couple mums and add some more mulch at the front door.


~Sara said...

I love mounds as well!! That recipe sounds delightful and dangerous!I always love your blog posts. Glad you are sticking with it. Bittersweet will make anything say "FALL".Blessings~Sara

Anonymous said...

Your photos are very nice..I love the look of the bittersweet you have throughout your home..I will have to try these..Mounds bars are my husband's favorite..Have a great weekend..

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, yum yum, those mounds bars look so good, my mouth is watering. Your home looks so warm and ready for Fall, love the new wreath. Blessings Francine.

Karen said...

Morning Donna...well you have two things here that are 'loves' of mine...Mounds Bars and Fall decorating.

I bought sooooo much Bittersweet this year it's coming out of my But I love to decorate with it too.

I so can relate to the 'not taking out everything' in the bins...I have done the same thing and will take a ton of it to the thrift store.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Robyn ♥ said...

Your door is so pretty! I love the onion lamps! Your Fall touches are gorgeous! I love bittersweet, however didn't get any this year.:(
Those chocolate candies look delish!!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Beautiful! I love bittersweet - it's something I've always meant to grow and never have.