Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It has been below 10 degrees all day and man is it cold. Although I hear it is colder in other parts of the country. It will be a bit better tomorrow.

Ok I hate doing a sad post so I will give an update on my Bitty  cat. He is still not eating, but his heartbeat is getting a bit better, Then the poor sweetie is having trouble going the bathroom, so he has more medicine. The magic is that he is a bit better, so keep praying for him. Thank you for all of the emails with suggestions and kind words. It really means a lot.


Prims By The Water said...

So sorry about your Bitty. Will say a prayer. Its brrr freezing here in Michigan. Janice

lilraggedyangie said...

Freezing in Ohio too...and now spitting more snow...Will keep you and your kitty in my prayers...Hugs lil raggedy

Karen said...

Sorry that Bitty is having to deal with this - my hope is your Bitty will continue to get stronger. Our pets are our family and there's a bond there that is so strong.
Hugs - karen