Friday, May 29, 2015

Chickens, plants and some great weather

I am so happy our little coop is almost done. My sweet husband has gone above and beyond to make my dream come true. He has been working steady for 5 weeks now. The girls just love it. They watch him and peep away. He is working on the run right now and they come charging to greet him when they see him coming out there.
I planted a pot of their favorite herbs to snip and add to their breakfast. They get so excited when they see me come out with the oats and snip the herbs. My little galvanized bucket came with a hard to get off label, so I painted it with  Chalkboard paint and now I have any label I want so Chicken poo it is.
The girls love the run, it isn't finished, but is enough to keep them contained.
 Their afternoon snack~

 These are a few of what is blooming at the Country Nest. I always love geraniums.
 I put this iris in last year. It is a tall bearded iris called" Poem of Ecstasy"
We planted these Rhododendrons almost 12 years ago. They are so pretty and have grown so big we had to move one of them. The funny part is we had just bought them the day I got a call that my Mom had passed is kind of bittersweet how pretty they are.
Love this black petunia. I saw it last year and they were sold out. I was so happy to get one this year.
Now while I was at the farm getting plants I went into the little greenhouse with the fairy stuff....I wasn't going in, but I am glad I did. I found these gems, just what I wanted Araucana  chickens. They were down to their last few so he let me buy just two. I am so happy. So I will show you how they grow. They are about two weeks old now. I am keeping them on my porch right now. Another chapter in our Chicken Chronicles.

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Deb said...

I can tell you are really enjoying the chickens. And how sweet are the new arrivals. :) It's something I've been thinking about but haven't yet taken the plunge. Love the bearded Iris. It's so gorgeous. Good luck with the new chicks. Looking forward to seeing them grow. Deb