Monday, June 29, 2015

New friends, because of hens~

The weather here on Sunday was cool and wet. Lots of rain and drizzle. A while back when chickens were my sister told me about a blog called Dandelion House. When I first opened the page I fell in love! This little red hen house was the blog header. As I read further Deb had lots of pictures of her hen house and gardens. I kept reading...scrolling backward. I loved everything and felt I had met someone with similar interests. The hen house....I wanted the same hen house. I saved her pictures, I should have named the Pinterest board Dandelion House instead of chickens. Then I started printing them out. My hubby actually said, yes I like that one. I think it will fit in.. So it started. He got supplies, the first of many trips to Lowes. I got the brooder box all set up. I got my feed. Then I got my first four chicks. Then through comments and emails I found that Deb did not live to far from me. Can you say delighted? Deb invited us down to view her hen house. HEAVEN!!
I was not disappointed! The hen house a delight, but best of all was the family we met. We talked and talked about everything and anything. Did I take pictures you ask? No of course not. While we spent our weekends working on our own little hen house. Deb gave me some valuable pointers on what she would change and it really helped. We are about complete, the hens are living out there now. We invited our inspiration couple over to see our house. Hmmmm photo op for sure, but did I take pictures? No. Deb did take a few. The flowers below were a gift from Deb and Boz. Straight from her pretty gardens. They are beautiful. Thank you!

So we had a light breakfast and passed what would have been a drizzly, raw, dark Sunday with friends warm coffee and pastries and great conversation.


Deb said...

How wonderful, Donna. I love Deb's blog, too. She is an inspiration but then again so are you. :)) Deb

Deb said...

Donna - I'm not sure if you follow this blog but if not I thought you would enjoy it. It's called Madelief. For some reason I can't connect you...sorry. Deb

Debbie Bosworth said...

We loved every minute of our time at The Country Nest... I'm still drooling over the beauty and warmth of your home and so excited for this new friendship spawned by our love of family, gardening, chickens and little red hen houses! We will be back, whether you like it or not :) Tee He!
Deb ( and Boz too ) xoxo