Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Heavenly Blue

I planted some seeds in a pot with a trellis. There was a windy day and I lost my plants, so I stared again and it seems like forever, but we now have some blooms. No matter how many times I plant Morning Glories the flowers just amaze me. So beautiful, such a beautiful shade of blue. I will hate to see them go by. Do you have any favorites? I love the bright and vibrant zinnias in bloom right now too. They are like happy, sunny faces smiling up at me. The colors are like Fiesta dinnerware. They just make me smile.

The Morning Glories are climbing up the Hen House and the girls seem to like them too!

Away go the Summer dishes and out come my Fall plates. I know it is September, but man it is still hot here! I picked up  Pumpkin roll last week and that means Fall to me.


Laurie said...

Very pretty!!

Prims By The Water said...

My favorite flower is the heavenly blue morning glory. I plant them near sunflowers and they climb on the stalks. Janice

Penny said...

Beautiful flowers.... mine did not do as well this year. Love your fall dishes!