Monday, October 12, 2015

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Meet Miss Molly~ She is my daredevil, the first to try things and the first out in the morning. She give nuzzles and makes sweet noises and when I go in the house she runs to the deck and peeks in at me! She leaves me a pretty pink egg each day.

When I put the herbs in the nesting boxes Molly is the first one to poke her head in there and take out her favorites.

 A couple of weeks ago we went to The Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury,MA It was a beautiful fall day, clear skies, sunshine, just perfect. Well I found these sweet fairy houses by Babacool Arts. I met Yvette Monstad who has just moved here. I wish I had taken pictures while there. She works in metal and clay. Oh I loved everything. I bought two pieces. This one is in my front garden. (she said I can leave them out all year round) Love the working door on it.

and this sweet piece. This door works too.

Ahh, the love of my life with as truck I would love to own. You know just for shopping for garden things or antiques...if only, giggles.


Margaret said...

Love those clay pieces. How original! I love your Miss Moly. I have a Miss Frankie but she's a diva! Maggie

Karen Martinsen said...

What beautiful works of are.
Oh isn't it frustrating when you don't have your camera?
Miss Molly is so pretty.
What a handsome man you have there and that truck is to die for and I can see what you mean about using it for gardening/treasure hunting.