Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February 1st

The weather feels like Spring! Wow it is 60 degrees and the girls are enjoying their time outside.
The rest of the snow should disappear today!
 So I felt like making an apple pie. What is it about sunshine and warmth that makes me so happy?

I have another question. I just bought a Cricut machine. I wanted to use it to make signs.....I did research and looked ALOT. Now that I have it, ahhhh it seems complicated and I am not sure I can do what I want. Does anyone else have experience with it? I have been watching tutorials and am a bit frustrated to say the least. HELP???


Prims By The Water said...

Your hens look happy! So sorry cannot help you with your question. Janice

Laurie said...

I just bought a Cricut machine, too. I'm blindly trying to figure the thing out. I think those tutorials are geared for those who already know how to work the machine. I guess I'll have to read the manual.

just call me jo said...

I have been researching the Cricut too. I was afraid I couldn't manage the intricacies so I got a Sizzix die cutting, manual cutter. The dies are expensive but I think I will learn to use it better. Not so sure it's good for big things like signs though. I wanted it for posters and invitations, etc. I hope it is OK for me. Let me know how you do with Cricut. People I know who have them like them but I've never seen them operate.