Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Garden Club

Good Morning! It is a beautiful, cool but sunny day here in the Northeast. I am is such a happy mood because last night was the first meeting of the year for our local garden club. All the talk of plants and flower shows puts me in a great mood. Just yesterday I was out walking in the garden and look the daffodils are poking their heads up from the frozen earth.

The other thing is look at this beautiful quilt that the club is raffleing off. The workmanship is just beautiful. The ladies in the club have many talents!

The guest speak was a gentleman named Ken who builds Ken's little houses. He spoke on Birds and Bats and was quite interesting...he reminded us to always clean out the bird house by the end of February because the birds are migrating back. (Hooray another sign of Spring) Ken also told us to make sure the bird or bat houses face south, The little creatures love the warmth!

I brought home this little gem! Just pull out the pin and you can clean it out!! Now it will join my other birdhouses for Spring!


Barb said...

Thank you fora coming by and entering my blog giveaway.

My bulbs are coming up too.

Barbara Jean

Rue said...

Donna!! You didn't tell me you had a blog did you?? Maybe I'm senile, but I swear you didn't. I'm so glad you joined us!!! Welcome to Blogland sweet friend :)


Rue said...

Donna my friend... you are not boring! Write from your heart and what you want to write about. Maybe it would help if you acted like you were writing a letter to a friend? What about sharing all the pieces of your home? That alone would bring the other bloggers ;)

You can also join in on any of the blog parties that go on, like tablescape tuesday.

Do you know Nikki over at blah blah blog? She kept getting frustrated in the beginning and almost quit. Now she gets over 100 comments a day. I gave her the same advice I just gave you. I don't take the credit because she took it somewhere else, but it helped her gain confidence and I hope it does the same for you :)