Sunday, December 27, 2009

When do you take your tree down?

The Christmas rush is done...all the anticipation, all the cooking(why do I always make too much food?) I thought I cut back this year and there was still too much. Why am I always afraid there won't be enough? So I send food home with family, freeze some and oh my gosh we eat plenty. I won't wait until New Years to start a diet...did I say won't? I mean can't!

I have started to wash some of the Christmas linens and will pack them up as I go. Boxes are put away. Wrappings are thrown away, gifts are put away and I can start to put a few decorations away. We wait until New Years day to take down our tree and do the total clean up. My decorations have grown each year so it takes longer to pack up. (even though I did a major clean out last year and gave and donated many decorations we just don't use anymore.)

I love the glow of the window lights and the tree lights, but look forward to getting back to normal. I read one blog that asked when do you take your tree down? I was surprised at how different everyone was. SO DO TELL....When do you take your tree down?


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Donna,

I cut back on food too but still had too much here as well. UGH I am NOT waiting until New Years either for that diet.

We started Christmas Day early and because of the sleet and ice we had, family was gone home by 5:30 PM so my decorations got piled on the dining room table Christmas night after we cleaned up. They got packed away yesterday and the tree got packed away today. I need clean and uncluttered after months of fall and Christmas!!

Rachid AJMAL said...

Hi Donna,
You have great blog.
good day,

Sea Witch said...

Hello Donna. Wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for swimming by my blog. Always glad to meet no folks. Have a wonderful new year. Sea Witch