Friday, December 11, 2009

Would you like some Gingerbread men??

To me Gingerbread makes me feel like Christmas. When my kids were little we always did a gingerbread house. Not one of those kits mind you. My first one came from one I saw in Good Housekeeping. I baked the gingerbread, cut it all out from a cardboard pattern I had made, after I drew out the pattern on graph paper. I didn't have access to a copier back in the late 70's. We went to the candy store and bought pieces of candy for decorations. I am going to look, it came out so good, I believe we took a picture....see I am wandering again. Please come on in and I will brew this Gingerbread flavored coffee. I made a pot while I baked today. It is so good!! You can get this Green Mountain Coffee here. It is Yummy! Cookies are baked and cooled waiting for some decorations. Not much mind you. They are for the Garden Club booth at a local craft fair tomorrow. I made them last year and they were a hit, so here they are again~

Let's put a smile on the faces!

My boys have already had three batches, but I am keeping some for home!
Let me just tell you how wonderful my home smells...when you open the door it smells heavenly.

Packed and ready to go. Last year I had clear bags and they showed better. Each one has a tag that says "Life is as sweet as you make it!" Thank you Tracey from Notes from a Cottage Industry. I say it on her blog a year ago and just loved it.

I have mulling spices and apple cider and all these little gems. The other ladies are doing chili, cornbread, coffee, tea and loads of baked goods. So now you know what I am doing Saturday!


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Oh Donna,
Your gingerbread men turned out wonderfully!!
So yummy looking.
And perfectly packaged!!
Yum Yum!!

Kammy said...

Very cute !

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Those are so cute! Every year I made them for each of my kids classes. Each child and teacher and school secretary etc got one with their own name on it. It was a labor of love indeed!

Have fun today!!

Lena said...

yum would you mind sharing the recipe? I love gingerbread and haven't found a recipe I like yet, just some that I've had to buy from a lady that sets up at craft shows.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

YUM! I love gingerbread! The smell also makes me think of Christmas. I'm sure your sweet goodies will sell out fast!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your gingerbread men are wonderful and so cute! It is so nice to meet you, too! You have a wonderful blog and I know I'm going to enjoy visiting! Have a wonderful day and a very Merry Christmas to you! Twyla