Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A little bit of Spring~

I am starting to come out of my funk a bit and as I looked around...sort of like waking from a nap. I realized I needed to bring some Spring into the house. I opened the windows and like a breath of fresh happened! I felt a little better. It was the first day I have had off in a month. I dug in the garden a bit, cleaned a bit and brought out some Spring things. First on the counter as you enter the back door. My little ol' tray, a white geranium and a small bird.

Then I cut some lilacs. I just love their scent.

Outside the clematis is starting to bloom, in a day or two it will be a massive amount of blossoms.

Out of the urn came the dwarf Alberta spruce and in went a deep red geranium.

I also ran to the greenhouse and picked up some plants. It is still a little early here to put stuff out. I also found new cushions for the outdoor furniture. It is looking much better around here. Amazing what I can do when I get a day off. OK this really helped the mood along, but tell me what did you do to enjoy this beautiful Spring day?

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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Hey Donna! Everything looks great! I especially love the round wooden piece in the middle of your table. What a neat piece!
Teh flowers are gorgeous! I have a deep purple clematis that is finally blooming. I planted it 4 years ago. Its the only one that hasn't died. I lvoe tehm, but our summers are so hot that its hard to keep the roots cool enough for them to live. It is still a small one but I'm happy that it is finally rewarding me with blooms!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!