Thursday, May 20, 2010

My visit to HGTV Green Home

Myself and four others from my office paid a visit to The Pinehills in Plymouth today...being in Real Estate we wanted to learn a little more about the Green Home!! I live less than 30 minutes from here. The website has better details, but oh it is so beautiful to look at. I loved the table in the kitchen...

Reclaimed wood, made right in Barnstable MA

Kids room, which had no closet, but did have a nice bath.
Pretty tiny sitting area outside the bedrooms, like a landing at the top of the stairs.

Master with the famous red bed!

Don't you love the funky lights, beside the Master Bed? Looks like they came from The Cat in the Hat!

Laundry room
What a way to recycle..I could live with this.

My table again, but oh this light was beautiful...another use for burlap.

The kitchen was hard to get a shot of, always full of people. Stunning for sure.

Oysters anyone?

This Mixed media acrylic by Carrie McGee was called "5 strands"

This was just off the kitchen. I love the insides of the bookcase painted black.

"Welcome Home" I almost heard the words...on the breeze!

Clever idea.

Parting view, sigh~


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

WOW! How fun to tour the house in person! You lucky girl! My favorites are the kitchen table and that awesome recycling center! I also like the "5 Strands" and gorgeous porch. What a lovely place!
Have a great weekend!

Grammee Linda said...

I'd rather have YOUR house - much warmer and cozier and your kitchen.... to die for. And your yard?? My all time favorite ever. You have spoiled me you know. Nothing will ever live up to that! Big hugs!!