Sunday, August 29, 2010

~Last days of Summer~

It is so quiet after everyone leaves...the sound of the waterfall and the grasses rustling in the warm summer breeze.

Our son enjoying his last days of leave...playing with his daughter in the pool. The sun is getting lower in the sky, but the air is warm and dry. The grasses have grown large and move with the breeze. The sound of happy laughter floats through the air :-)
See the great pumpkin with the curly vine...then the pumpkin runner (just what I need under my bowl of pumpkins)I found at the Gingham Goose last week. The shop was loaded with fall goodies...who can resist?
We picked our first real pumpkin~a sure sign fall is on its way.

My Bitty soaking up the warmth of the stones while releasing the scent of lavender into the air. Everyone feels the season changing.



Grammee Linda said...

Oh that pool looks so inviting! I hope your son is having a wonderful leave. I know it fills your heart to have him home.

Those touches of fall are so tempting. I have some new pumpkin in my house of another sort. I was inspired by a hutch I saw on one of our shoots... I think you know the house!

I need a trip back to the Gingham Goose when the weather cools off! We'll have to meet and do lunch that day!!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Hi Donna!
Your yard is just gorgeous! It looks like your son and granddaughter are having a wonderful time.

I know how hard it will be to see him leave again. I pray he will be able to come home for good, real soon.

Sending you big hugs!