Monday, August 16, 2010

Special visit~

Don't you just love this chair? I do. A friend made it to hold a plant pot. She makes the best rustic chairs. They are made out of laurel wood. The star and the rusty star garland just make it special. Soon it will be filled with a big mum. I had some special guests last Tuesday. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. Linda, Bonnie and Ashley from A Primitive Place came to take photos in my garden. I thought my camera wasn't working, but I found this picture when I took some garden photos yesterday, They took several photos inside too. It was fun to watch them work. They are really nice women and meeting Linda from Behind My Red Door was extra special to me. We have know each other since RMS days, but it is the first time we have met. She is just as warm and kind as I thought she would be.
I had gotten some really pretty sunflowers from a local farmstand.

My morning glories started to bloom after they left.

At may back walk way.

I have this week off to spend some time with my family. I spent yesterday in my vegtable garden. Wish I had finished before APP came, but I just ran out of time. They took tons of pictures and I can't wait to see them all.


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Hi Donna! How EXCITING! What a wonderful blessing to get to meet such awesome blog frieds! And also great that your gardens will be in the APP magazine! I'm so happy & excited for you!
I would love to meet some of my blog friends one day.
Have a happy week!

Grammee Linda said...

Hi Donna!

I have been thinking of you and I hope you are enjoying time with your son.

We had such a nice time with you and the food was to die for and the gardens... all I can say is my favorite yard EVER!! But most of all it was WONDERFUL to finally met you and your DH. Kindred spirits for sure. Looking forward to meeting up again in the fall sometimes!

big hugs!