Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to my porch~

 Come on in...the entry to our home is a screened porch in summer and a glassed in porch in fall, winter and spring. It is such a fun place to decorate. Last year it was a bit more Halloweeney.(is that a word?) My son was home and he and my grandson love to decorate for Halloween. When they became too old to Trick or Treat it became a tradition to let them decorate and to greet the trick or treaters. This year my son is still in Afghanistan, but only 39 days left until he comes home. Well anyway my grandson does not seem as enthusiastic without his Uncle here. Now I like it a bit more subdued, like it is now. The neighborhood kids may miss it a bit, from the garden graveyard to the fog rolling out when the porch door creaks open, strobe lights flashing a huge ghost hanging from the ceiling...

My bottle gourds did well last year. I like this kind of natural decoration, although if my son were home I would let him do whatever he wanted!


denise said...

glad your son is on the downward side of his afghani tour. my son in law is only about 10 wks. into his. love your porch! happy haunting!! denise

Anonymous said...


Thank you sooo much for visiting me on my blog!
And thanks to your sone as well! It's a tough time for lots of families.

My son heads to afghanistan in 2011. He was in Iraq when his twins sons were born....he met them for the first time at 8 months old.

It will be a wonderful welcome home for your son I am sure! (but as a mother,....I know it will mean the most to you!!!)

hugs to you,

Grammee Linda said...

37 and counting today!!

LOVE that porch - but no as much as the kitchen or gardens. I am just sayin...

see ya in a few weeks!!