Thursday, January 22, 2015

A little bit of red

This post is going to be about doilies. My large red one to be exact. Now I know they are not in style, but I do have a nice collection. Some from my grandmother and most from my Mom. The large red she made just for me when I was first married. I had a red and white dining room and this sat on my dark pine table. I remember her working on it. I also remember when it was finished she used liquid starch on it and then she had a special board that she would pin the doily on to stretch it and keep it flat. I also remember she had some with ruffles on the edge and she would form them. They were so pretty. She would set it out in the sunshine to dry.

When I put this on the table I think of my Mother's hands working away on this...I can still picture it. I can still feel the love that went into this piece. So even while it is not primitive it warms my heart to put it on my table. I feel like she is smiling down.

I so wish I had learned how to do the needlework and sewing my Mother could do. I have never been as precise as she was. I truly marvel at how beautiful these pieces are and I remember my Mom and Grandmother, especially my Mom making them. Some things stay with you forever.

Seeing I am on the subject of family I have some happy news. My son and his fiancé have set the date for Sept., 5th 2015! Yes, a wedding!! My son will be closing on his first home at the end of the month and so I will share lots of pictures. It is a sweet Cape built in 1930. Lots of charm. They have work and changes they want to do so I will be sharing that with you too. This is going to be a great year for sure!


Susannah said...

I have two of my Grandma's doilies under two of my lamps. They are not huge so they don't show but only a small amount. I love them. They are the pineapple design. I have some large ones but they really don't go with my country antiques. I remember my MIL making the ones with the ruffles and using the starch. She called it sugar starch, I think. I still have those also. I guess I can not part with these things. Your red one is perfect the way you have it. Thank you for reminding me of my doilies. Nice post!

Penny said...

I love your red doily! I have and use many doilies made by relatives... I think they look great with antiques and primitives! I also remember my mom startching and ironing the doilies with the ruffles.... and she also had some fabulous plastic Christmas ones!!

Cindi said...

I love your big red doilie and I think it looks perfect where it is. Family means so much! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your good news!
Be blessed,

Blessings in the Country said...

The red one your mom made is pretty! I like that it is red, I rarely see colored doilies, just white ones.

Congrats to your son!


Prims By The Water said...

I think making doilies is becoming a lost art..and they are so nice. My gramma H had then on arms and backs of chairs, and tables. You have some nice ones! Also love that jug. Janice

Janice Boucher said...

I love doilies. My MIL gave me quite a few of hers.
Congrats to your son and his upcoming wedding. Such happy and exciting news for all of you! We have exciting news also. Our middle son and his wife are expecting their first child on May 6th! We are looking so forward to being Grandparents once more. My knitting needles are going like crazy!!