Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow storm!

How do you prepare for a snow storm?  I spend the day before cooking, some pork shoulder in the crock pot for shredded barbeque pork sandwiches, gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies. I did run out to the store for fresh rolls and milk. Then I stacked some firewood, filled the bird feeders,  ran some extra water( if the power goes out) and brought up a few candles. Charged everything, camera batteries, cell phones, my kindle and i pad.  So the day of the storm I cuddled up and read in front of the fire.

We got a couple of feet of snow, but the power stayed on. It wasn't so bad. I is actually quite peaceful here. Not much traffic out and about. The side roads are slippery and not cleared like the main roads. The closing on my son's house has to be put off a few days due to weather. All in all it now feels like winter!



Penny said...

We dodged the 3' of snow that was predicted here in NY, but were ready if it hit! Every now and then I like a big storm... if everyone is safe at home... It's nice to hunker down and just enjoy!
Beautiful pics of winter at your house!

Angela said...

Loved seeing all your snow photos. So pretty. We haven't had any this year in central Georgia. Sure wish we would get a little. That's about all we can handle anyway. Just not use to much of the white stuff. Hope your son gets his closing soon and will enjoy his new home. Have a great evening.

Karen Martinsen said...

I love looking at snow pictures - every blog that has them are all so different.
I find it fun preparing for a snow storm but I don't have to get out init either so I better not say that out loud, right?

Elizabeth said...

The snow looks lovely,as I say here in Florida, we get cold,rain and storms but no snow!