Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Honor of Veterans Day

Simply stated this is my son. He has 21 days left in Afghanistan....I am so proud of what he chooses to do, but I can't wait until he is home and can tuck his daughter in at night, come to Sunday dinner and be safe.

There are so many men and women who are away from families and loved ones so that we can all live with freedom. The soldiers see and experience things that we wish our children would never witness. They come back as different people, wiser, stronger and sadder, but they appreciate the country we live in. They put their lives on the line everyday, they see friends die and get hurt.

My son has been in Somalia, Iraq and now Afghanistan, he said this is his last tour.....but one never knows.

I want to Thank all of the veterans who have helped to give us the freedom we enjoy each day.


Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Your son is a true America Hero! I deeply appreciate all he is doing for our country and pray he is home safe very soon! HUGS!!

denise said...

a big heart felt thanks to your son. my son in law still has 0 months left in afghanistan. these guys are true american hereos. thanks,guys!!!!

denise said...

that's 9 months left not 0.

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna!

Wow.....21 days left....that would be 3 more Sundays! That is how my son used to count his time left to come sundays!! I know all too well how you are feeling right now.....anticipation so much so you feel like you will burst.... because it is only(and I say that loosely as it still seems too long)3 more Sundays! My son will be heading to Afghanistan in 2011....and you are right they come back a different person.....and have witnessed things you hear about but could never dream of seeing yourself and to know that your child has .....well.....just puts them in an even more special place in your heart!! I am following your blog closely as I am waiting too for your son's return home to you and his family. His daughter will have her daddy to tuck her in at night. If she is anything like my grandsons she will not let him out of her sight! lol My poor son....he has company in EVERYTHING he does now!! Not that he is complaining....he is taking all he can get until he has to go again. You are right we are proud as we can be of the life they have chosen and the job that they chose couldn't me more honorable/admirable/and in a way that is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted. Thank you to your son and all the men and women serving so that we can continue to live life as we know it!

Hugs to you Donna!