Monday, November 15, 2010

Is it still Fall?

Is it still Fall? Everywhere I go I see Christmas and yes I have bought a few of the things is the wooden door box.  I have admired them in many places and have seen different sizes. The Gingham Goose had a Christmas Open house this weekend and everything else I got was for Christmas, but this box for my front door will be stuffed with greens and winterberry right after Thanksgiving....I usually put a large green wreath with a deep red ribbon, but time for a change I think. I could not resist putting some harvest grasses and gourds in the box for a few weeks.

 So before I say goodbye to Fall I will change it up a bit and continue to do fall cleanup....I don't know if I ever really finish. I would like to clean the vegetable garden more, add my compost, till and plant some winter rye. If it gets cold fast this won't get done.
 The leaves are still coming down like rain and the oaks in the front still cling to many of their leaves.


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Your home always looks so wonderful!!
Love the way you have your box displayed.
Yep, it is still fall.
But I admit, I am one of the guilty, rushing through to Christmas.
But my reasoning is total selfish.
I havent been in the mood to shop or even think about Christmas.
So I decided to go ahead and decorate, thinking it might help put me in the mood.
So far it hasn't helped!! LOL!!

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

LOVE the new door box. I think it is perfect on your front door. Of course your home is so gorgeous - anything would look wonderful on it!!

I am waiting until the guests leave and the table is cleared and then Christmas comes out!

See you tomorrow!! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment... it's nice to meet you!
You have a beautiful home! I love your tree-lined driveway!
Have a wonderful week!
~ Jo :)

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

Fall keeps hanging on here in the Carolinas! We still have quite a bit of color. Your home looks great-I have seen some houses with Christmas decorations up already...IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET!...Sorry, that's me yelling as I drive passed their homes! LOL!!! I am ready for the leaves to all fall so I can clean up the mess once and for all!(at least for this year, anyway!)

MelissaK19 said...

I love the deep red color of your front door! Do you happen to know the color name?? I would love to paint our farmhouse door that color! Thanks!