Monday, August 4, 2014


The gardens are bursting with color. It is just my favorite time of year in the garden. We keep adding day lilies and they are starting to create an impact. This has been a good year in the gardens.

Harvesting my lavender. I love how it smells and I will have it all winter long.
Our sweet stray kitty. He is no longer a stray, but part of our family. He stays in more than out, sleeps at the end of the bed and is all round sweet.

Pumpkins are coming along.

 Look, my purple people eater has bloomed!! My friend Kari started these from seed. She is kind enough to share. I just love how beautiful they are.

 Now I want you to know I have taken a few days out of the garden to antique. It has been a much needed break, from work and home. These are a few of my new additions. I love each of these crocks. All found in different places. All unique and all in really good shape.

 Oh yes, this sweet basket too. Love her.


Deb said...

I've never seen a purple people eater. They are beautiful, for sure. I love the crocks you came home with. Aren't they gorgeous. They certainly found a suitable home, much like stray kitty has. I'm so happy he is now off the street and in a loving and caring home. Deb

Carole Z. said...

Donna, love all of your garden pictures and what great finds on the crocks. Your home is so lovely.


Nancy said...

A wonderful tour of your garden. Your kitty looks so sweet and content.

Earlene L. said...

Donna...I have never seen the purple plant either!! Very pretty.
Great crock finds and love your sweet kitty. Seems gardens have peaked much later this year. I have stuff that still hasn't bloomed.

Primlish ♥ said...

You have such a gorgeous garden!! I love all your new crocks!!

Susannah said...

Basket sure is a perfect one! the crocks look wonderful, too!! But your garden fascinates is so pretty......


Karen Martinsen said...

Could your gardens/yard be any more beautiful! Wow - wish I had just one of your

Oh my gosh those crocks...I look at one and wonder if I can afford it and you got 2...yikes! Guess I need to get a job.