Thursday, March 5, 2009

36th Anniversary

Yesterday was a perfect day. My hubby and I celebrated our 36th anniversary. We both have jobs that are difficult to get a day off we booked the day out for each other, left the phones behind hopped into the car and took off. We had a light breakfast and headed West. We went to Sturbridge MA. It is only about an hour away from us. It was very cold yesterday so we decided to poke in the shops and to have lunch at an Inn we have enjoyed before. It is called the Publick House. Just a day spent together, no family, no friends, just us, kind of like how we started out. I made a surprise gift for hubby, I went through some old things and found pictures and mementos of when we were dating. It really surprised him....he seemed to love it. I think we forget the people we were and who we fell in love with. SO I just reminded him and myself too.
Then we stopped in a shop called The Handmaiden, ahhhhhhhhhh I was in heaven!
Another great lighting shop!
Then it was time to go to lunch..........
OK the atmosphere was great and I did not take any pictures inside. I just enjoyed spending the time with my sweetie, but oh the food was just ok........and later we did not feel so good. This was not quite how we remembered it. So we headed on home and I came home to this on my doorstep.
My good friend who is going through a split are 25 years had been thoughtful enough to remember my special day and leave this gift! It made my heart swell that she had done this and I just love this piece, can't you just see it with herbs spilling out and tucked on the porch for Spring?

These are just a couple of the gems I found today. The basket will hang on the front door soon, after the snow is gone. Don't you just love it? I do. Then the little nest I could not pass it by. I also found my first copy ever of Mercantile Gatherings. I have read about it on other blogs, but never found it! I just love it and I loved that I found a familiar home. Linda from Behind My Red Door . I am sorry I don't know how to do a link yet....HELP anyone? Linda's home is just wonderful, warm and very welcoming. It was like visiting a friend, and the quality and pictures in the magazine we just perfect. It was just a great day all in all and now I have to go off to work and make up for taking a day off!


The Rustic Victorian said...

Hi Donna,
Happy Anniversary!!! Wow 36 years! Thats great,,and a man who will go shopping at "the right" places. I believe I have sold my folk art in the past to the Handmaiden; my market show was in PA and the northeast was 95% of my customers. I have since gotten lost in the victorian style. I will be back to see what is new!
Have a good friday!

The Willow Rose said...

HAPPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!love the shop you went in and all those baskets. Blessings Regina

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Donna,

Happy Birthday a bit early and Happy Anniversary too. Thanks for the sweet mention as well. I love the Handmaiden - was just there last week myself. It's just 30 minutes from me. And lunch at the Publick House is perfect. I am joining you as a follower so I can keep track of when you update!! hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Congrats Donna on 36 years!! We will be celebrating our 29th in September. Those '2 of you' moments are the secret to a happy marriage. Just 'be'....
Loved the post and photos...