Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do houses die?

Tell me what you think. I was out looking with a client last summer and we found this old house, you see my friend owns a primitive shop and was looking for a possible location for a new shop. Now this property pulled us both in. There was this statley hip roof colonial sitting in this hayfield with old fashioned peonies blooming away at the side of the driveway, or what used to be the driveway. I just love old houses and would love it if they could talk. This one had be worked on years ago and sadly lots of the original stuff was gone, gone, gone.

 This barn was still there! Doesn't it look charming. I don't know how safe, but charming. It has been empty for some time. The house still sits you think houses die?

Monday, June 27, 2011

The cocktail party before....

My Hubby's 40th Class reunion.......was a time to remember for sure. One of my husbands classmates invited the class to his home for a quick cocktail party before the reunion. so we left from home on a beautiful Summer Saturday.


We took the back country roads and got to go here......

 You know one of those secret places that say for residents ONLY! Beautiful lighted stone entry....

Sweeping private driveways that lead to breathtaking homes right on the ocean.

 The stunning view from the backyard. The guests gathered and catching up was done, but all were taken in by the view.

 The home was beyond compare, like nothing I have ever seen in real life. It looked like the home from Somethings Gotta Give. What I saw of the interior was stunning, but I did not feel comfortable asking if I could take pictures. It is a private home.....weekends and summer only! The owners were wonderful hosts and just nice people. I thought we were so lucky to be there.

This was a picture of the all boys school in 1971, but now has girls too.
It was a wonderful summer evening spent in great company in a setting more beautiful than one could imagine.
We came home to our humble Country Nest, took off our shoes and snuggled in.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day!

I have been a bit busy, still working in my garden and now we are having rainy cloudy weather here....great for the seedlings. I love that from Memorial Day on I can have my red white and blue out. It is such a patriotic time of year.

Last weekend there was an historic home tour in our town. We got to view five beautiful homes. One of which I wanted  to buy about ten years ago....that is another whole story. My home is 38yrs old. No longer new, but not an antique. I would so love to own an antique home. Hey a girl can dream!

So as the gentle mists bath my gardens in the sweet rainwater and I watch them grow each day, I wish each and everyone a happy flag day. Please fly your flag proudly!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

New treasures~

I spent the day off shopping with a friend and found some new treasures, like this little blue bottle that matches the canning jars I have. It was nice to take a day away from work, garden and family. Just a day to relax. Sometimes with my job being what it is I never get away from it. Then there have been some family issues that I was happy to leave behind......and to find some pretty new things was just plain fun!
Two little brown crocks, great for all the summer flowers I cut. I also found a couple of picinic baskets to add to the little one I found a while back. Don't they look cute all in a stack?