Thursday, March 5, 2015

It didn't snow yesterday~

Yesterday was our Anniversary number 42 we spent the day  together and did a little shopping. The two best things I got was this 1 1/2 gal crock. It is different then any I have.  The other item is this big wood box. Of course because it has our name on it I had to have it.

So I did some tweaking to find a place for the new crock. What do you think of it here? I took the yellow ware out of the cupboard and replaced it with this. I may get rid of my yellow ware. Although I love it, my passion is salt glaze.

Lana's sweet bunnies made an appearance. I packed up my snowmen hoping the snow would leave with them.

 So anyway it is snowing AGAIN today. It is pretty, but oh the mess!
 I can't even find my stonewalls!! Buried!

Yesterday we had an ice dam up on the upper roof and my kitchen ceiling was spurting water in about four places. Lucky for us hubby heard the drip, drip at about 3:30 in the morning. He had raked the roof and cleared most everything, but the highest hard to reach spot~ Guess what? The water found a way, so we had big buckets until daylight broke and he was up there chipping away. He cleared the dam and water stopped coming in, but my ceilings are ruined. Lots of repair to do. I should be happy if he had not heard it the floors could be ruined too.

This is the most snow we have ever had here and there seems to be no end in sight. I only wonder when it melts where it will go. The ground is frozen.....heaven help us. Between the leaks and the constant snow removal I can't wait for Spring.

What is it like where you are? Starting to feel like Spring yet?