Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Garden in the Spring

It has been over a month since I posted and I just don't know where the time has gone. I have been in the garden alot, but have barely touched the vegetable patch. Many of my spring flowers are blooming and I thought I would make a cup of tea and sit down and share them with you.

My sunny south side has mt Miss kim lilac in bloom and it has the sweetest scent. I have my bedroom window open and can smell it upstairs.
I think the colombine look like fairy flowers. I have several different colors scattered around the yard.
The purple iris are in honor of my Nana and my Mom. I always think of them when I see them and I have planted several just for the two women I love so much.

                                                                     A pretty all white colombine.

An all white iris.

                                          The pink clematis loves this spot and has done so well.

Another clematis called Nellie Moser. I cut this one way back last fall so it is low to the ground this year.

My earliest blooming day lily in sunny yellow. I have divided this many times and there are lots of bright yellow spots along my garden path.
This was the tinest shrub when I planted it and now many years later, she is a beauty for sure.

Mother nature has her own ideas where things should grow. I love the lady slippers she put here.

Now for the promise of more to come. My peonies.....

and, darn I forgot the name of this.
So do share with me what is blooming in your garden now?