Thursday, May 20, 2010

My visit to HGTV Green Home

Myself and four others from my office paid a visit to The Pinehills in Plymouth today...being in Real Estate we wanted to learn a little more about the Green Home!! I live less than 30 minutes from here. The website has better details, but oh it is so beautiful to look at. I loved the table in the kitchen...

Reclaimed wood, made right in Barnstable MA

Kids room, which had no closet, but did have a nice bath.
Pretty tiny sitting area outside the bedrooms, like a landing at the top of the stairs.

Master with the famous red bed!

Don't you love the funky lights, beside the Master Bed? Looks like they came from The Cat in the Hat!

Laundry room
What a way to recycle..I could live with this.

My table again, but oh this light was beautiful...another use for burlap.

The kitchen was hard to get a shot of, always full of people. Stunning for sure.

Oysters anyone?

This Mixed media acrylic by Carrie McGee was called "5 strands"

This was just off the kitchen. I love the insides of the bookcase painted black.

"Welcome Home" I almost heard the words...on the breeze!

Clever idea.

Parting view, sigh~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Decor to Adore: The Ultimate DIY~may you be inspired.

WOW,WOW,WOW! I just sat down to do a quick look at the blogs and I found a link to this blog.....I admit I have never been here before. I was completely blown away by this woman's story. I want to share it with everyone. I don't have many readers, but if I can touch one of you the way I was I will be happy. I felt pure joy for this woman and it shows you really can do anything you want! Enjoy.

Decor to Adore: The Ultimate DIY~may you be inspired.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Hummingbirds are BACK!!!

You have to look closely, see him on the left? The move so quickly. There were three of them darting around the yard. The distinctive little chirp. Oh what a happy sound....I love to watch them, they stayed all day until after dinner time.

Diving in for some sweetness....I boil 4 cups of water with 1 part refined sugar until dissolved and change the sugar water every 3-4 days. No need for the red coloring.

They usually come back around May was the second the first day I saw them. I love watching them. The sweet little birds seem to leave around Sept 15th. They are one of my simple pleasures.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A little bit of Spring~

I am starting to come out of my funk a bit and as I looked around...sort of like waking from a nap. I realized I needed to bring some Spring into the house. I opened the windows and like a breath of fresh happened! I felt a little better. It was the first day I have had off in a month. I dug in the garden a bit, cleaned a bit and brought out some Spring things. First on the counter as you enter the back door. My little ol' tray, a white geranium and a small bird.

Then I cut some lilacs. I just love their scent.

Outside the clematis is starting to bloom, in a day or two it will be a massive amount of blossoms.

Out of the urn came the dwarf Alberta spruce and in went a deep red geranium.

I also ran to the greenhouse and picked up some plants. It is still a little early here to put stuff out. I also found new cushions for the outdoor furniture. It is looking much better around here. Amazing what I can do when I get a day off. OK this really helped the mood along, but tell me what did you do to enjoy this beautiful Spring day?