Monday, July 13, 2015

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jelly

Warm summer days and the fruits of the season had me craving a jelly my Mom used to make. I have always loved it. That and strawberry rhubarb pie. It must be all that Farm Girl inspiration from Deb over at Dandelion House.

My finished jelly. I love how it looks and let me tell you it tastes even better. 
It is really simple to make first I gathered and washed my jars and lids. Got out my big old canning kettle that was my Moms. I have had it for over 40 years now. My Mom spent many hours with this old kettle...canning jellies, blueberries, tomatoes, string beans. She would store them in the basement on these shelves my Dad had built just for her preserves. Oh boy my sister and I were just talking about Mom's blueberries and the time we spent picking them. It was a special treat when we had blueberries and dumplings for dinner. It was like dessert. You see I get sidetracked...happens all the time. You need 2 Cups strawberries and 2 Cups of cut up rhubarb, 4 TBSP of Lemon juice. I Pkg of dry fruit pectin and 5 1/2 Cups of sugar.
Anyway combine strawberries( I crush mine) and rhubarb along with lemon juice in a large pot. Mix in pectin until dissolved. Bring to a boil over high heat stir constantly. Add all the sugar at once return to a full rolling boil continue stirring. Boil hard for about a minute Remove from heat and skim off any foam.
Ladle the hot jam into jars leaving some head
space. Wipe any drips around the rim. I use a large canning funnel for such things. Keeps my rim clean, Remove air bubbles by sliding a knife down around the edges.Center lids and screw on bands until tight. Place jars in canning kettle and make sure they are covered with water. Bring to a boil and process for about 10 minutes. Wait a few minutes and then remove jars carefully, don't burn your self. I have special tongs, bought anywhere they sell canning supplies. Let the jars sit and you will hear the lids pop. Now my Mom used to put wax on top. I don't know why and I wish she were here to ask. After they have cooled store in a cool dry place and ENJOY!

I have been letting the girls free range a bit and they just love this old Rhody.

A view of the hen house from the pool.

The pool temp is at a balmy 82 degrees and is still refreshing on a hot day. So after we are done working in the gardens we jump in!! What do you do to cool off?

I am joining Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop over at Deborah Jeans Dandelion House!