Sunday, June 30, 2013

Starting to change my gardens...

Let me just say it has been years since we did the flower beds or foundation plantings in front of our home. We are working on a complete re do. The plant delivery is scheduled for July 11th. Now I know I should have taken more pictures this morning before we started to clean out the old....Hubby removed four scruffy old shrubs that had seen better days. It looks so much better like this. To all my peeps who helped answer shutters or no shutters? Notice they are not back on! Thanks for helping me. I like it better without too.

 I pulled so many plants from here. Potted about twenty large pots and threw so, so many out. Garden slugs that just fill up space, although pretty at times.
 What a clear view.
The shrubs we had before. Bye bye.

 and I can always fill a space quickly. It won't stay like this, but for now.

Now this is one thing that won't change. My son built this arbor and I have his great grandmother's roses climbing over it. It smells heavenly.
So, stay tuned for more changes over the month of July.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shutters or no shutters?

I know I have been missing in camera is giving me troubles and I need to shop for a new one. I have no desire to do so. Anyway I squeaked out a couple new shots of the front of the house. We just had it painted and while the painters had the shutters down I asked them leave them off.  So now I look to you my peeps. Keep in mind we are tearing out the shrubs in front and putting in new lower plantings. What do you think Shutters?

                                                                           or no shutters

Seeing they were the same color as the trim it is not a huge difference, but I think the house will show more once the overgrown shrubs are gone. The lawn will be reseeded too. We need an overall face lift
I will post some pictures when the shrubs are gone and then when it is finished. It has rained since the painting has been done and my work has been busy, love the work, but love my social life too.

So if I can get opinions please.....shutters or no shutters?