Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some touches of Spring

This is where you enter my home. The windows change out to screens, but this time of year with the windows still in the porch warms up nicely. ~Then I can leave the kitchen door open~

Here are a couple of projects that I have been working on. This little old table was made by my grandfather. Aren't the square pegs neat? I brought it home from my Mom's about 10yrs. ago. It has been sitting up in the attic of my garage. I love the Reclaim paint I have used before. So I painted it up. The pegs show quite well now that it is painted. The I found this candle holder at Pier 1. Love it outside for summer.


Here is my next little project I have three of these lanterns. The green never really looked well, so I found this multicolor textured paint by Rust-oleum. First I primer them, then I sprayed them with the brown paint.

I love how they came out.

So the gardens are just starting to pop up. It is still early here and the trees have not opened yet, but they are close. Time to bring out the fairy house and get it nestled in.
Time to put the pansys in the window boxes. 

I also got a couple of beautiful red geraniums. I always get so anxious for the season to start. Winter felt so long.......



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What a beautiful day...

The sun is shining and it is about 70 degrees...quick open the windows, put out some cushions. I ran to the greenhouse for some pansy's for the window boxes and the yard cleanup continues.
 My Easter cactus blooms at Christmas and Easter...go figure. It just makes me realize Spring is really coming.
 Maybe a lemon tart for dessert? I don't know why I just think of lemon in the spring.

I started some cannas roots in the basement, just for an early start. Love the red blooms. They looks so tropical. So if I start them early we can enjoy them a bit longer. Today is one of the first real tastes of spring around here so I am off to enjoy it while I can.