Thursday, July 26, 2012

I took a day off from work...

..and I had the best day. I got up and had my coffee while sitting on the deck looking out over the yard and at the gardens. Black eyed susans are in bloom along with double tiger lilies, turban lilies, gladiolas, zinnias, oriental lilies, purple cone flower and my beautiful day lilies. I had taken a trip to Tranquil Lake Nursery on Sunday and picked up 6 new day lilies. I have been going there for years. I should have taken pictures the fields in bloom are so beautiful and fragrant. So anyway I decide I am putting on my garden clothes, no makeup and just staying in the garden for the day.( for me this is a real treat with my job it is hard to take a day off) I have gardens that need to be reworked and slug plants that need to be removed.

Years ago I would take any plant that anyone was giving away....not always the best idea. Sometimes a wonderful idea. Anyways I have some great plants with some great memories of some wonderful people. Then I have some plants slugs that I really need to clean out and get rid of. So I started to dig up a area of the garden that I wanted to plant some of the new day lilies. They won't look like much this year, but ohhhh, next year will be beautiful.

 This is my favorite it is called "almost a miracle" I loved this right away!
 My next favorite is "Scarlet Prince" another favorite and I put these two together in the area I reworked along with "Henry Baker" which has no blooms, but was a creamy white. I can't wait to see them next year.
 This is "stoplight" very different and spidery looking

Then there was "Adela" a true melon colored beauty....

 This is "Baruch" a large sunny yellow long time bloomer.

This is "Christmas Wreath"
 These are some of my favorites in bloom right now and I have not always kept track of the names. I am working on this now, going back over notes and such. I need to keep better records. When my garden club friends come over they ask the names and I am tired of saying Oh, ah, I don't know.
 Cleaning out and potting some keepers up. I hand these off the friends, The summer phlox are stunning and smell so clove like sweet, but alas I have too many.
 This is my cleaned and finished corner.
Now I start here....maybe is a couple days because Aleve has become my new best friend.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I don't normally share....

but this was just too cute. My work is what I don't share, but when I took this listing the other day. I couldn't resist some non real estate pictures.
 Look at this face, she is skiddish and won't let you too close. I loved how she was peaking and looking to see what I would do next.
 There are several alpacas making this place home. Each face is different.
 As I was leaving this deer was just standing there.
 Pretty pond with lilies.
Now here is a little peek. How about this kitchen?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just returning from


 Crystal Caves were amazing.
 Look at this tree.

I love that there were roosters and chickens roaming around everywhere we went.
I am so happy to be home! All in all there is no place like home.