Friday, May 29, 2015

Chickens, plants and some great weather

I am so happy our little coop is almost done. My sweet husband has gone above and beyond to make my dream come true. He has been working steady for 5 weeks now. The girls just love it. They watch him and peep away. He is working on the run right now and they come charging to greet him when they see him coming out there.
I planted a pot of their favorite herbs to snip and add to their breakfast. They get so excited when they see me come out with the oats and snip the herbs. My little galvanized bucket came with a hard to get off label, so I painted it with  Chalkboard paint and now I have any label I want so Chicken poo it is.
The girls love the run, it isn't finished, but is enough to keep them contained.
 Their afternoon snack~

 These are a few of what is blooming at the Country Nest. I always love geraniums.
 I put this iris in last year. It is a tall bearded iris called" Poem of Ecstasy"
We planted these Rhododendrons almost 12 years ago. They are so pretty and have grown so big we had to move one of them. The funny part is we had just bought them the day I got a call that my Mom had passed is kind of bittersweet how pretty they are.
Love this black petunia. I saw it last year and they were sold out. I was so happy to get one this year.
Now while I was at the farm getting plants I went into the little greenhouse with the fairy stuff....I wasn't going in, but I am glad I did. I found these gems, just what I wanted Araucana  chickens. They were down to their last few so he let me buy just two. I am so happy. So I will show you how they grow. They are about two weeks old now. I am keeping them on my porch right now. Another chapter in our Chicken Chronicles.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Chicken House Update & What's blooming?

So last Sunday the Hen house was complete. Not the run yet, but the hen house. I brought the sweet babies out to their new home. It was toasty warm here on Sunday. It got so hot we had to improvise screen doors quickly. Sweet hubby did a great job and we cooled it down fast.
 Now I need to tweak and decorate, but we hope to get a run built this weekend.
 The were outside today and they are all tuckered out. They love their perch and will hop up when they hear us coming out. I usually see one head pop up, then two, then three, then all four...then they all hop up on the roost. So cute.

They are growing so fast and they seem to be so ready to get outside.
 The Scottish Broom, it smells so sweet~
 Columbine one of many we have purple, pink and two toned plants.
 My white iris' from my Mom's house on the Cape, along with Johnny Jump Ups that have jumped everywhere.
 Purple Iris

 My Tree Peony

 Solomon's Seal
 Blue ???

Not to mention my Hobo who is always in the garden, stalking chipmunks in the walls and voles which he catches all the time. He is a good kitty and loves the chickens.......

So what is blooming in your garden today?

I am going to join Deborah Jeans Dandelion House Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! You can tell my coop is a copy of hers.
I am linking up to Tuesday Garden Party.

Friday, May 15, 2015

What is growing?

My little red hen house is coming along. I hope to get the girls out there this weekend...they are getting big. The girls are getting more and more active. Flapping of wings, chasing each other around and lots of tweeting. I am so happy I got them.

 The rhubarb is coming along, some rain might be nice.
 These May apples were a gift from a sweet lady. I admired them at a friends house and lo and behold on Sunday morning a few years ago she popped up at my back door with a few plants. They are finally catching hold and I think of Mary when ever I see them.

 Some blue forget me nots.
 Some new lime green hostas. I need to look up the name, but I put them in last year and they are looking pretty nice. A nice pop of color in a blah space.
Some Solomon's Seal for a pretty ending :)