Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow storm!

How do you prepare for a snow storm?  I spend the day before cooking, some pork shoulder in the crock pot for shredded barbeque pork sandwiches, gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies. I did run out to the store for fresh rolls and milk. Then I stacked some firewood, filled the bird feeders,  ran some extra water( if the power goes out) and brought up a few candles. Charged everything, camera batteries, cell phones, my kindle and i pad.  So the day of the storm I cuddled up and read in front of the fire.

We got a couple of feet of snow, but the power stayed on. It wasn't so bad. I is actually quite peaceful here. Not much traffic out and about. The side roads are slippery and not cleared like the main roads. The closing on my son's house has to be put off a few days due to weather. All in all it now feels like winter!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

A little bit of red

This post is going to be about doilies. My large red one to be exact. Now I know they are not in style, but I do have a nice collection. Some from my grandmother and most from my Mom. The large red she made just for me when I was first married. I had a red and white dining room and this sat on my dark pine table. I remember her working on it. I also remember when it was finished she used liquid starch on it and then she had a special board that she would pin the doily on to stretch it and keep it flat. I also remember she had some with ruffles on the edge and she would form them. They were so pretty. She would set it out in the sunshine to dry.

When I put this on the table I think of my Mother's hands working away on this...I can still picture it. I can still feel the love that went into this piece. So even while it is not primitive it warms my heart to put it on my table. I feel like she is smiling down.

I so wish I had learned how to do the needlework and sewing my Mother could do. I have never been as precise as she was. I truly marvel at how beautiful these pieces are and I remember my Mom and Grandmother, especially my Mom making them. Some things stay with you forever.

Seeing I am on the subject of family I have some happy news. My son and his fiancé have set the date for Sept., 5th 2015! Yes, a wedding!! My son will be closing on his first home at the end of the month and so I will share lots of pictures. It is a sweet Cape built in 1930. Lots of charm. They have work and changes they want to do so I will be sharing that with you too. This is going to be a great year for sure!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This is the end

We are at the end of out tour now. Today I have included the bedrooms, the game room and the basement. The home itself boosts 3300 sq. ft with out the finished basement. You have many closets through out the home. The basement has a couple large walk in storage rooms, a workshop, a utility room, a craft room and an additional family room. The home has all Anderson windows,  the roof is only 5 yrs old.

This is the Master bedroom which is on the first floor. there is a large walk in closet and a Master bath.

This is the room above the garage. There are sky lights and lots of open space. There is also a small kitchenette so you don't need to run back down to the kitchen. A bathroom too. Can't you just picture a huge flat screen and having a crowd over to watch the game? I have some houseplants I think would do really well up here and I could snuggle in to watch HGTV  or movie night with the family?

This is the basement. See more wood floors and lots of space!

 Now this is a space I could love....the craft room. Not too shabby huh?
As we leave this house I need to tell you my job is not always as glamorous as this. Most homes could never compare. This one is a home I would love to live in, who wouldn't? Most homes are average and some are nasty, but there is a spot for everyone and everyone taste is different and there are many different styles. I enjoy each one in an individual  way. This home is just one I knew my peeps would like too. Here is a link if you are so inclined. Click HERE
Let me know what you all think. I see tons of views, but hardly any comments. Or if you want more info on this home, pop me a email.
Stay warm!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Continued~ part 3

Let me take you into this wonderful home. It was built in 1988. Not that you would believe it. It feels like an antique home. The perfect spot for a Gentleman's farm.The first time I came to this home I was struck by how tranquil it was, not just the home the whole setting. The minute I stepped through the door I fell in love.  I know I showed this door before, but it was the first thing I saw and I love it so much. It opens to a small powder room. There are many period features in the home. It all creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere. The owners love their home and you can tell how much of themselves they put into creating this paradise.

This is the back entry to the home the door at the end leads to the three car garage with large game room above. The game room has a kitchenette and it's own bathroom. What a beautiful guest suite or space for an extended family.

I love, love love, her crocks by the back door.

 Talk about attention to detail. The woodwork through the home is stunning.

From the fireplaces, the raised panels and the built ins the quality shows everywhere you look. I love this office which looks out over the back and side yards. 
This is the front stairway....did I mention there is a rear stairway off of the kitchen too?

A little peek of the rear stairway~

To be continued...once again

Continued~part 2

Today let me take you around the outside for a bit. You see the pretty garden from the kitchen and the brick patio.

Looking towards the front you see one of the many stonewalls.

The stone wall at the entrance of the long driveway. The underground utilities keep the views pristine.

The back entry to the home~

The back of the home~

The 28' x 64' barn. Just imagine what you could do with this, Horses? Landscaping equipment? Sheep? Art studio? Antiques? Cars? What would you do with this space?

The Owner moved this old out house here. The charm of this is priceless. It sits among the many fruit and chestnut trees. Again surrounded by the beautiful stonewalls. 

So would you like to come inside this home? not the outhouse.... be continued~