Monday, June 18, 2012

Hypertufa how to

I have had lots of projects going on here. Planting gardens for spring and finishing up some projects. We had a graduation and some parties. Time is flying by so fast these days. One thing I got to do was to make some Hypertufa planters. My son and a friend came over and we got to it. Sorry I did not take a lot of pictures in progress.

 Here is a finished one all planted. They are lightweight and can stay out in our New England winters.

Supplies you will need are as follows:
Portland cement
Peat moss
Fiberglass fibers
Latex or rubber gloves,(cement can be murder on the hands)
Wooden dowel marked at 1 1/2 in.( to make sure your depth is even all around)
Cooking spray or mold release
Container to mix it all in. I used a basin I got at Lowes, but any large plastic container would work.
Molds, for example, plant pots, dishpans plastic bowls use you imagination.... of course leaves too. I have many more ideas now and want to do this again real soon.
So I have seen many versions of this, but this is how I did it.
2 parts cement
3 parts perlite
3 parts peat moss
a handful of fiberglass fibers
I had a watering can of water and mixed it until it just started to stick together.
Start packing it around or in your mold.
Measure depth to make even
wrap in plastic for 24 hours then remove mold.
planter should cure for 30 days before planting.

 Dishpan trough.

 A hosta leaf. I really like rhubarb better.
 This is the rhubarb leaf my son did and then his clean up skills really paid off. The first thing he did was make a wet pile of sand then place the leaf on top. He sprayed it with cooking spray (for easy removal) the patted on the hypertufa mix. Then wrapped it in plastic for 24 hrs. then he removed the plastic and the leaf. then while still workable he cleaned and shaped the edges.
 Here is his finished leaf. It is going to be used as a birdbath.
Just to end on a light note my Brugmansia or Angel Trumpet is looking so pretty at the back door and her sweet fragrance fills the air. I had 28 blooms at one time last year. Lets see what this year brings. The nasty earwigs got into and chopped away on the leaves.