Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

As 2015 comes to a close it is a time to reflect and to set goals. I create new lists and start going through seed catalogs planning next's years blooms. We spend New Years Day quietly at home. A nice breakfast then we put all the Christmas stuff away. I am so ready, but the tradition has always been New Years Day for us. I never put it up until after Thanksgiving. I have noticed how many of my blog land friends put it up earlier and then right down after Christmas. When do you do yours?

 My boys are looking for their gifts. My two older cats check out every gift as it goes under the tree and the little one was so curious.

 My girlfriend gave me this cute cup for my morning coffee~
 Christmas Eve was so warm here 70 degrees. The cat was out and the hens were taking dust baths. We were outside taking every bit of warm air in. In the 43 years we have been in this house I never remember sitting outside on Christmas eve. Especially with out a coat on.

 The sweet little one who turned out to be a boy so he is called Fluffy. He stayed by my side all the while I was sick. Lots of loves and purring. He is just a wonderful cat!
 The girls got the seed ring and notice the clear plastic wind break too. They needed it yesterday as the rain whipped and it was raw and cold. They stayed snug as a bug in a rug.....of course no bug would survive my girls!

Monday, December 28, 2015

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

The day before Christmas I felt a cold coming on....I pushed through the baking. I was not enjoying myself at all. Thank goodness my shopping and wrapping was all done. My daughter came down the day before. She wanted to do a bit of baking herself. I usually would enjoy working together, but my nose was filled, my eyes were burning and I was feeling clammy. How could this be? I haven't been really sick for several years...a slight cold last year but it could have been allergies. I started juicing about 4 yrs ago and have been quite healthy. Then I realize the last few weeks have been crazy busy and I have barely been juicing. My resistance was giving me trouble, like pneumonia twice in a year. I have a great Doctor who recommended  instead of medicine I should work to build my resistance up. Needless to say both hubby and I have been quite healthy. Oh why on Christmas? You guessed it, by Christmas I felt totally like crap! My family came anyway and I probably infected them all. My daughter is home sick in bed now.

Who would have guessed that on Christmas eve we sat outside watching the chickens. We did not need a jacket. Christmas day was more of the same. Hubby let the girls out early on Christmas day. The Grandchildren held and played with the girls and I understand they got lots of treats and snuggles.

My granddaughter and Molly! No boots, gloves or jackets. Such a great day!
The girls helped get everything ready and I was not a lot of help.  The day turned out fine, but I couldn't wait to get into bed that night.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Keeping it simple

A peek into the living room. I still need a bit of tweaking to be done. I have been having a hard time with ideas for presents this year and it is bogging me down a bit. I had cut my greens and tried to get the outside done first. I have not put some of my usual items out. I think it is time to simplify and get rid of some things. 

 This is all I did for my back door into the kitchen. Just a few greens, my porch door has a wreath with just a simple red bow.
 The urn is filled with twigs and greens.

 Our newest kitty who stays inside watches out over me as I tidy up.
 Even my window boxes are greens and fruit.

I think this north side of the house needs a good power washing, but getting my hubby to do it is a chore and it is getting cooler here.

I really need to finish up shopping so I can get to my baking. I don't know what I need to get me going. Any suggestions? Are you all done decorating, shopping and baking?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Beginning with my Arnett's Santas. I love these Santa's so much. I always pull them out first and start there. I have so many things I have to put away before I can bring out my Christmas decorations. It take most of a day to put all my pumpkins and harvest decorations. That is not to mention all the dishes that were pulled out for Thanksgiving. They need to be stored.....

Now the weather was frightful this morning 22 degrees out. I worry about my poor babies, the girls! They have lots of hay in the hen house. I wanted something more this morning, so I brought out some warm water and a dish of oatmeal with raisins and cranberries. The funny thing is I seem more bothered by the cold then them.  They did gobble the oatmeal right down.

One of my favorite Santa's

I need to go out to get my wreaths and greens today. Now I was wondering, do you decorate a room at a time? If so which one? Do you do outside or inside first. All at once or a little at a time?
I always start with my window lights and my Santas and kind of go from there. Then I cut my greens and get my wreaths.

You know as we get ready for Christmas here I have noticed how much my chickens have changed our lives I get up,dressed and outside to let the girls out and feed them their breakfast.
I have added some new fashion pieces to my wardrobe......fleece lined hoodies, muck shoes, flannel shirts to name a few. Much easier to wash. I try to get home while it is still light out so I can let the girls out for some free range time. They run, spread their wings and look for bugs and greens. They just make me happy. I love to watch them run to me.

So I am going to get some Christmas pictures taken and posted, but do tell where do you start?